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Title: Gauranga's Mercy

User: neilsf    Date: 2006-07-18 06:40:40


I was reading the Chaitanya Bhagavata and came across another portion that fills me with joy and hope to see how kind and compassionate our Lord Gauranga is to fallen souls like me.


Its from  Madhya-khanda Chapter 21


"The Lord was fond of going about in Navadvipa accompanied by His associates. One day, he came to the outer precincts of the town and happened to pass by a drinking place. As he smelled the wine, He was reminded of varuni, a similar intoxicating drink made from honey, which is a big favourite of Shri Balarama.


Immediately, the Lord was overcome with the emotions of Balarama. In a trance, He loudly boomed to Shrivasa Pandita, "Let's go inside!" When the Lord insisted, Shrivasa fell to His feet and begged Him not to go inside.


The Lord said "Do I also have to be restricted by rules and regulations?" Nevertheless, Shrivasa Pandita continued to dissuade the Lord from His decision. Shrivasa Pandita explained, "You are the Universal Father and the perfect example, if you transgress the social laws then who will be left to uphold them?


"Those, who out of ignorance will criticize you, will certainly have to suffer lifetimes of misery. You are the emblem of eternal religious principles, who will be able to divine the passtimes You are about to display? Considering this, if You insist on going into the drinking house, then I shall drown myself in the Ganga."


The Lord never minimizes the vows of his devotees. Upon hearing Shrivasa's words, He smiled benignly and said "I do not want to act against your wish, I will not go inside." Gradually, the Lord withdrew within Himself the mood of Balaram and continued upon his way.


However, when the drunkards from inside the drinking house saw Nimai, they became excited and called out loudly after Him, "Hari! Hari!"


One of them said, "Yes! Nimai Pandita is a good and honourable person, I like his behaviour and especially the way he sings and dances!"


A few of them stood up swaying unstedily and, clappin their hands, started to hop around making an attempt to dance. They tried to go out and meet Nimai in the street. The drunks were now well worked up and at full volume sang, "Haribol! Haribol! Jai Narayana!" and danced about in great joy.


The drinking place quickly became the scene of loud joyous chanting of Hari's name; such reactions are understandable in anyone who sees the Supreme Lord Vishnu and His pure devotees, the Vaishnavas.


The Lord was pleased by the intoxicated efforts of the drunkards in chanting the Holy Name and Shrivasa Pandita's heart melted upon seeing the display of the Lord's transcendental potency. The drunkards were very happy to see Shri Chaitanya, but the envious people found fault and criticized the Lord.


Those offenders who become displeased when the hear the glories of the Supreme Lord will never know any joy in any birth. Therefore I offer my obeisances to the soul who beholds the Supreme Lord with faith, even if he be a drunkard. The Lord blessed the drunks with his glance and went away."


This passage makes me happy because our Lord Gauranga accepts anyone who comes to him with even a little devotion and he doesn't care who you are or where you come from.


I bow again and again unto the Lotus Feet of Shri Nityananda and Shri Gauranga and I bow unlimited times to the Lotus Feet of Shrila Gaurangapada Swami for preaching the glories of Nityanada, Gauranga, Hare Krishna and the Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata. If it wasn't for Swami Gaurangapada's mercy, I would have never heard the glories of Nityananda and Gauranga!


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