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Title: First words

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-12 07:58:09


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

It is 01.10. PM I am just finishing shift in small radio station where I am working. Popular music, charts, news, topics, admired singers and music stars, their life stories and many other subjects. Nothing special. Name fame and glory..same old story. Really, that is true.


I had interviews with many popular persons, singers, artists, football players, top models etc during past ten years, so many "successful persons" were in my radio and TV shows. So many persons. But inside that make-up and artificial smile they had so many problems, so many unsolvable problems.


Once, one very successful business women (that is trend in modern society) told to me..  "Just see, I have everything, and I do not have anything." We were sitting in studio, preparing for some business radio presentation. She was high successful business women, dressed in high class cloth with golden necklace, and perfect make-up and hair; in her mid forties she was accepted in society to be role-model for all .. so strong in business and successful.

"What do you mean".. I asked. "You are successful and rich person."

"No, that is only pretending"... she said. "That is facade"

"All those persons .. you see .. they are with me because of my money. Actually I am very lonely .. that is true. They all want my money, and they are just pretend and behave nice. You know, when I was young I had many friends and I know that they loved me, but now I am alone, because my hearth is empty. Just see, I just had third divorce and I have serious health problems, because last twenty years I was only working sometimes for 12 or more hours daily. And still I am not satisfied."


Name, fame and glory..same old story. If you had never been in such situation you may think .. "Oh, that is so special, I want to be like that person", but when you are in presence with such persons you may feel that they are unhappy and actually unsatisfied with their life. Bitterness under sweet make up. Dance of happiness and distress.. sukha and dukha.


So, now I must go. Shift is over. Just few more words for this first entry.


Little tired at moment, but never tired to speak and hear about Lord. I am hoping to share Naam realistions and many other subjects in future, to discuss and learn, associate, chant and dance. Actually, That is only cure for this fallen soul .. to hear and speak about Lord in association of devotees. After so many, many births and deaths finally, due to some unknown mercy we got this rarest opportunity to finally approach Lord and His pure devotees! How exclusive this opportunity is! How rare! Bahunam janmanam ante - after so many births and deaths. So rare.


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