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Title: Ebook sankirtana!

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-22 14:32:02


Param vijayate Shri Krishna sankirtana!

     Greatest desire of all our previous acharyas is to distribute knowlegde about Gaura-Krishna all around world! What can satisfy more Shrilla Prabhupada and previous acharyas?

Now, in this time of modern tehnology information is available to all. They just need to click - and read or listen. Lord Nityananda and Gauranga made this so easily for all jivas in today world. We do not need to travel to hear from sadhu, we have constant association and inspiration even we are from different parts of world.

That is so nice. Today, Swami Gaurangapada placed very nice Navadvipa Shataka ebook on site. How glorious is such distribution of transcedental literature! Param vijayate Shri Krishna Sankirtanam!


Please distribute books, please distribute books, please distribute books. That was life and goal of Shrilla Prabhupada. And today I am sure that Shrilla Prabhupada will distribute ebooks and using IT tehnology so entusiasticly so that words and teachings of Lord Gauranga   can be available for each and any person in world.


This world is changing. IT world, Information Age, modern age. Ancient wisdom via modern tehnology. This ebook sankirtana will change world. There is nothing more pleasing for Shrilla Prabhupada then this ebook and internet sankirtana. This will change world.

So, I am thinking about that this day. There is no better place to be in whole universe then here and helping in this Maha IT Sankirtana revolution. Praying just to always be here in association of all you who are very rare souls. Internet ebook distribution ki jay!


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