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Title: Comment by Igor on: My Weekend

User: Blog Comments        Date: 2006-07-24 13:10:39


Dear Neisf,

your blog is so sincere and you are writting what you are feeling. This quality - sincerity is most valuable thing in this

age of duplicity and quarell. Please do not feel that you are alone in that. I am sure that many devotees ( I know for myself)

had or still have simmilar problems or realisations. We are on the neophite level of devotion, and such situations are not

unussual. That is just reason more why we should chant Nityananda and Gauranga, whatewer is happeneing. I must tell you that

I personnaly had very hard weekend, meyby hardest in my life. That is nature of this material world. Sukha and dukha -

happieness and distress. But if we just continue all success will be there.
























              Anyway I'm afraid that my blog entry is very self absorbed and not bringing benefit to others so I will stop here.
















Please do not feel on that way. Your realisations and your sincere attempt to chant Nityananda and Gauranga is helping

others too. We should share nice, but also difficult situations with devotees. It is not that there is bliss and happiness in

every step. That is possiable for pure devotees, but for us spiritual aspirants it is not so. But if we are associating then

it is much easier for us to overcome such problems. Support and understanding are very important.
























              I want to believe that the Lord loves me, but how can I know that for sure?
















God loves everyone. You can know that God loves you so much because He do not let you to forget Him. He is engaging you in this most sublime and confidentional chanting of Nityananda and Gauranga and that is highest gest of love that some jiva can get. Please continue with your sincere blogging!


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