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Title: Beautifull song

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-16 10:56:21


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

 I could not resist to place in blog this beautifull song of Locana dasa Thakura, who wrote so many nice songs about Nityananda and Gauranga Naam Glories. His fameous songs are Parama karuna, Nitai Guna Mani, Nitai Gaura Naam and he composed fameous book Chaitanya Mangala. Here is wonderfull song that glorify Lord Nityananda and acctually Lord Nityananda is giving direction how we can purchase Him! Do you want to purchase Lord Nityananda? Then with full attention, please read this ambrosial poem.


Akrodha paramananda by Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura


akrodha paramananda nityananda raya

abhimana sunya nitai nagare bedaya


adhama patita jiver dware dware giya

harinama maha mantra dena bilaiya


jare dekhe tare kahe dante trna dhori'

amare kiniya laha bhaja gaurahari


eta boli’ nityananda bhume gadi jaya

sonara parvata jena dhulate lotaya


hena avatare jar rati na janmilo

lochana bole sei papi ela ar gelo




1) The noble Lord Nityananda is never angry, for He is the personification of supreme transcendental bliss. Devoid of any concept of false ego, Nitai wanders about the town.


2) Going from door to door in the residences of the most fallen and wretched souls, He freely distributes the gift of the Hari-nama mahamantra.


3) He exclaims to whomever he sees while holding straw between his teeth, "Please purchase me by worshipping Gaurahari!"


4) Saying thus, Nityananda Prabhu rolls about on the ground, appearing like a golden mountain tumbling in the dust.


5) Locana Dasa Thakura says, "Whoever has not experienced the awakening of affection for such an avatara as this, that sinful person simply comes and goes uselessly in the cycle of repeated birth and death."


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