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Title: Association

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-12 11:25:05


Associaton is everything.

It can help you to attain pure love or push you in total darkness.

There is one proverb. You will know who you are only when you look around and see who are your friends. Your company. That is true. Association is like miror it will reflect characteristics from one to another person. If we are fortunate to associate with pure persons you will become pure, but if you are associate with fools you will also become fool. Therefore scriptures instruct us sadhu sanga, sadhu sanga, sadhu sanga. That is all in all.


Today real sadhu is hard to find in this world. There are many scholars, bhogis, yogis, many experts in all modern areas of life. There is no problem to find all kind of experts or gurus for improvement of material life. How to get fit body in 25 days, how to increase income, how to become attractive and succesfull, so many experts. And if you associate with them you can do it also. You will learn and become experts also. But, they can not solve your real problems.


 To find real sadhu, that is rare. People are not interesting to associate with sadhu. They do not want to listen from sadhu.

We want to enjoy in this material world, they said.

Sadhu is calling - Yes, I am talking about real happiness! Come here and become eternaly happy!

No, you do not know about joy of life. We want to take it all. This one life is all in all. Live now in this moment.


Association is everything. But, how many persons really realise that. Very few. If we are fortunate we will find sadhu and sadhu will find us. Then all perfection will come very soon.


Today, I am thinking about that. And I am singing because Lord Nityananda gave me this rarest jewel of right asociation here with many elevated devotees. Yes. That is mercy. Here I can associate, hear and learn about real benefit. That is shelter for soul, in right association. All other things will vanish with destruction of this body. Wealth, name, fame, positions, all will gone. That is reality. 


What is value in such assocition with sadhu. Krishna katha is there in such association. Nitai-Gaura katha is there. We are very fortunate to have such association here. Even demigods wants to be born on earth and join this forum where glories of Nityananda and Gauranga Naam are present. Association of such persons is so rare.


So I am thinking about that and hope that in your association I will also get some taste for Nitai-Gaura Naam. Association is everything.


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