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Title: Gaurangapada Dhvani (Voice) Sanga

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-07-27 10:23:35


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Click on the photo of any member below and a list of their voice messages will appear in the right panel and then you can click to hear them. Or click the below green play button on the top right to hear all voice messages one by one.




Everyone can hear all the audio messages but only Dhvani Sanga (not forum) members can post audio messages. Swami Gaurangapada (and other devotees) will be very regularly posting audio messages on the Dhvani Sanga so please bookmark this page and visit this page regularly. This Dhvani Sanga is still in beta testing stage to see how it works out.


We will be inviting only some devotee members to this Gaurangapada Dhvani Sanga for recording and sending messages so as to maintain it's smooth running. Members can record and instantly send their audio message with ease for everyone to hear by clicking on the "Public YackPack" button (box) icon within the big circle when they log in to their YackPack account and then recording their audio message and sending it. Members are requested to upload their actual personal photo for their box as soon as they register so as not to leave their box blank. If some member misuses this facility by posting improper or inappropriate audio messages or audio messages offending anyone even indirectly, that member will be removed from the Dhvani Sanga immediately without any notice or warning. Such a member like everyone else can still continue to hear all the audio messages but will not be able to post audio messages to the Dhvani Sanga.


Dhvani Sanga members can post any relevant spiritual audio they like including spiritually enlightening kirtana, quotes, paragraphs etc. etc. But audios with mundane implications including discussion about anyone or anything else will not be allowed and the member will be removed. Thankyou. Hope you enjoy this new Gaurangapada Dhvani Sanga. Please give your feedback in this thread if you have any questions or comments or suggestions.