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Title: One Video a day keeps Maya away

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-06-01 13:51:46


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! We are struggling but on the way to attain our promised target of giving you One New Spiritual Video daily for free viewing and download on the internet. The video duration will be anywhere between 15 to 120 minutes. As you can see, we have already made many new videos available in the last few months.


The biggest bottleneck in making new videos available to you is the compression time to wmv and flv especially. This is only reason why we are not able to make video available daily. Due to a slow and old computer, the mov to wmv video joining and conversion takes around 2-3 hours and the wmv to flv conversion takes around 6-10 hours per 1.5 hour video which is too long a time. So all our time goes in this video compression only. I think what is needed is a dedicated computer with a hi-speed dual core Intel or AMD processor and a ATI Radeon graphics card with avivo technology to do this video compression in 2 hours compared to the 13 hours which it is taking now.


Huge amount of internet space and bandwidth is required for online storing, uploading and maintaining such an ambitious project since each video can go upto 300 MB or more in size and thus we thank our kind donor devotees for their wonderful support without which this would not have been even thinkable to do. It would be relatively easy and much cheaper to delete all the videos uploaded in one year and then start uploading again the next year but the plan is to maintain all the videos online for as many years as we can so that all souls can be benefitted down the line and we are banking that online storage and bandwidth will also go on becoming cheaper. Presently even the uploading bandwidth here in India is very costly due to the monthly limits. The cost of the broadband internet connection which I am paying for only a meagre 10 GB upload/download monthly limit is around $100 a month. I just hope it reduces in the coming months and years. But this is not going to stop us from making new videos available to you. Jaya Nityananda!!! Gauranga!!!


One another way of funding the free Nityananda Gauranga Online Video and Audio Library will be that we will release DVDs with hi-resolution (640 by 480) wmv (around 500 MB each) files of the same videos which are online. They will be available in the Store for a small donation which will help to sponsor the online free Video Library. Any feedback, input and suggestions are welcome.