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Title: Just returned from Navadvipa Dhaam

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-05-07 18:31:54


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Just returned from Navadvipa Dhaam today. I am sorry that I was not able to post from Navadvipa due to lack of time and resources. This was a very very ecstatic yatra with lots of chanting and dancing. Feeling the strong presence of the Lord and the Acharyas, I completely broke down and cried in spiritual bliss of separation at the Yogapith, Shrivasa Angana, the meeting place of Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga, Svananda Sukhada Kunja of Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Lord Bankim Raya temple in Ekachakra,  Shrila Jagannatha dasa babaji samadhi etc. I pray that my love for all the places where my Lords Nityananda Gauranga have walked or performed Their pastimes increase day by day. Will try to post the photos and videos soon.


Title: Re: Just returned from Navadvipa Dhaam

User: Igor     Date: 2006-05-08 14:22:20


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!!!

It is very nice to hear that you had such ecstatic time in Navadvipa! Navadvipa-dhama ki jay!

Just like you felt separation from Yogapith, Shrivasa Angana and other holy places in Navadvip we felt separation from your answers and association. Separation from such pure devotee of Nityananda and Gauranga like you is intolerable! Nityananda! Gauranga!