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Title: Lord Virachandra

User: Bhushan         Date: 2006-10-25 16:50:00


Posted by Bhushan Nityananda dasa: Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna! All Glories to Lord Virachandra! All Glories to Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura! All Glories to Shrila Shrila Prabhupada! All Glories to Shrila Prabhupada! All Glories to Gurudeva! dandvats at the lotus feet of Gurudeva and all devotees. I found this wonderful article on the net about the glories of Shrila Virabhadra Goswami who is the most dear son of Lord Nityannada Prabhu and Lord Kshirodakashayi Vishnu Himself and whose appearance day is today. More »: ""

  Shri Viracandra or Virabhadra dasa: "http:///"]Prabhu appeared on the ninth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Kartik. Krishna [URL="http:///" Kaviraja Gosvami has given this description of Him in the C.c. Adi 11.8-12:

 “After Prabhu: "http:///"]Nityananda [URL="http:///", the greatest branch is Virabhadra Gosani, who also has innumerable branches and sub-branches. It is not possible to describe them all. Although Virabhadra Gosani was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He presented Himself as a great devotee. And although the Supreme Godhead is transcendental to all Vedic injunctions, He strictly followed the Vedic rituals.

 He is the main pillar in the hall of devotional service erected by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He knew within himself that He acted as the Supreme Lord Vishnu, but externally He was prideless. It is by the mercy of Shri Virabhadra Gosani that people all over the world now have the chance to chant the names of Chaitanya and Nityananda: "http:///". I there take shelter of of the lotus feet of Virabhadra Gosani so that by His mercy my great desire to write Shri Chaitanya-charitamrita will be properly guided.”

 Shri Birbhadra Gosvami is the son of Shri Prabhu: "http:///"]Nityananda Prabhu and the disciple of Shri Jahnava Mata. His mother is Shrimati Vasudha Devi. In the Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika it is described that Shri Viracandra [URL="http:///" is an incarnation of Ksirodakasayi Vishnu - one of the expansions of Shri Sankarsana. He is thus not different from Lord Chaitanya Himself.

 Once upon a time, Isvari (Shri Jahnava Mata) went to the house of one Jadunandana Acarya of Jhamatpur near Rajbol Hat(ta?) and by her mercy he became a devotee. Jadunanda’s wife was extremely devoted to her husband and his two daughters, Shrimati and Narayani, posessed bodily forms which excelled the limits of mortal beauty. By the desire of Isvari that very perfect brahmana gave these two daughters in marriage to Prabhu: "http:///" Viracandra.

 Shri Yadunandana Acarya became the disciple of Vircandra Prabhu: "http:///"]Prabhu and Shrimati and Shri Narayani were given initiation in mantra by Shri Jahnava Mata. Viracandra [URL="http:///" had a sister, Shrimati Gangadevi, who was none other than Mother Ganga herself. Her husband Madhavacarya was an incarnation of Raja Santanu.

 Taking permission from his mother, Viracandra Krishna: "http:///"]Prabhu set out on a pilgrimmage to Vrindavana. First he came to Saptagram and proceeded to the house of Shri Uddharana Datta Thakura where He was met by Uddharana Datta’s son, Shrinivasa Datta. Shrinivasa greeted Him with respect and showed Him all hospitality for the two days that he stayed there. From there He went to Santipur where He was led to Advaita Bhavan in a kirtan procession by Advaita Acarya’s son, Shri [URL="http:///" Misra.

 Next he crossed the Ganges River and came to Gauri Prabhu: "http:///"]dasa Pandita’s house in Ambika Kalna. Shri Hrdaya Chaitanya Prabhu respectfully greeted Him and honored Him as His guest. From here He came to Navadvipa, to the house of Jagannath Misra. When the family members and associates of Mahaprabhu learned that He was the son of Shri Nityananda [URL="http:///", they were highly pleased and showed Him all courtesies.

 After spending two days there He came to Shri Khanda where He was greeted very respectfully and affectionately by Shri Raghunandana and to Shri Kanai Thakura. He spent a few days there, and then went to Shrinivasa Acarya Prabhu: "http:///"]Prabhu’s house in Jajigram, where Acarya Prabhu received his exalted guest by offering Him the appropriate worship. A few days passed in the ecstasy of sankirtan and then Viracandra Prabhu came to Kantak Nagan (Katwa). He remained there for one day and then proceeded to Bhudarigram. There He was received by Shri Govinda Kaviraj who worshiped His lotus feet and offered Him all hospitality. Shri Viracandra [URL="http:///" was very pleased at his devotion and remained there for a couple of days. Thereafter He made His auspicious arrival in Kheturi.

 As soon as he received news of His arrival, Shri Narottama Thakura came out in great ecstasy to meet Shri Viracandra Prabhu: "http:///"]Prabhu. He led Him into the courtyard of the temple of Shri Gauranga where sankirtan accompanied with ecstatic dancing commenced. A steady crowd of people thronged to get a glimpse of

 After spending a few days in Kheturi in ecstatic sankirtana, Viracandra dasa: "http:///"]Prabhu set off for Shri Vrindavana Dhama. Along the way many sinful and atheistic people were delivered by His influence. As news of His arrival reached Vrindavana, the Gosvamis, namely Shrila Jiva Goswvami, Shrila Krishna dasa Kaviraj Gosvami, Shri Ananta Acarya, Shri Hari dasa Pandita, Shri Krishna [URL="http:///" Brahmacari (Shri Madhu Gopala’s pujari, a disciple of Shri Gadadhara Pandita), Shri Madhu Pandita (pujari of Shri Gopinatha), Shri Bhavananda, Shri Kasisvara, as well as his disciple Shri Govinda Gosvami and Shri Yadavacarya were all informed.

 The Gosvamis, accompanied by many residents of Shri Vrindavana Dhama, all came out to meet Prabhu: "http:///"]Prabhu Viracandra. Everyone was overwhelmed by His appearance in ecstatic love, and they all were humming like bumble bees in discussing His good qualities.

 After receiving the consent of Shri Jiva Gosvami and Shri Bhugarbha Gosvami, Prabhu: "http:///"]Prabhu Viracandra set out to wander in the twelve forests of Vrajamandala, becoming completely overwhelmed by seeing the various places of Krishna’s pastimes, like Shri Radha Kunda, Shri Shyama Kunda and Giri Govardhana. His display of ecstatic symptoms captivated the Brijbasis. After seeing the sights of Shri Vrajadhama, Bircandra [URL="http:///" returned to Gauda-desa.

 All of the divine qualities of His father, Shri Prabhu: "http:///"]Nityananda [URL="http:///", were fully present in Him. Those who were fortunate enough to witness His ecstatic love praised His glories far and wide.

 Gopijana Vallabha, Prabhu: "http:///"]Rama Krishna and Ramacandra, who are thought by some to be the sons of Virabhadra Gosai, were actually His disciples. The youngest, Rama Krishna, who resided at Khardaha, belonged to the Sandilya Gotra and was a member of the Batabyal brahmana community, known for their accomplishment in studying the Vedas. The oldest, Gopijana Vallabha, lived at Latagram near Manakar, in the district of Barddhaman. The middle one, Ramacandra, lived at Ganeshpur near Maldah. Because their gotras and surnames (titles) were different, and because they lived at different places, it is concluded they were not actually Viracandra [URL="http:///"’s sons.

 His birthplace is at Khardaha, which now is a rail station on the Sealdah-Krishnanagar line. The village where Prabhu: "http:///"]Nityananda Prabhu made His advent in this world - Ekacakra - is also named Viracandrapur. Here the Deity of Shri Bankim Raya was worshiped by Viracandra [URL="http:///".


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