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Title: Disappearance day of Shrila Vrindavan das Thakura

User: Damodara Svarupa dasa      Date: 2005-02-26 16:18:38


Disappearance day of Shrila Vrindavan das Thakura -- By Swami Gaurangapada



"As Vyasadeva has compiled all the pastimes of Lord

Krishna in Shrimad-Bhagavatam, Thakura Vrindavana das has

depicted the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya." - CC Adi 8.34


"What a wonderful description he has given of the

pastimes of Lord Chaitanya! Anyone in the three worlds

who hears it is purified." - CC Adi 8.42


"Shrila Vrindavana das Thakura, the authorized writer

of the pastimes of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, is as good

as Shrila Vyasadeva. He has described the pastimes in

such a way as to make them sweeter and sweeter." - CC

Adi 13.48


"By nature all the activities of Shri Chaitanya

Mahaprabhu are very wonderful and sweet, and when they

are described by Vrindavan das Thakura, they become

like a shower of nectar." - CC Madhya 4.5


"The ocean of nectarean pastimes of Shri Chaitanya

Mahaprabhu is like the ocean of milk. According to his

thirst, Vrindavan das Thakura filled his pitcher and

drank from that ocean." - CC Antya 20.88


"Whatever remnants of milk Vrindavan das Thakura has

given me is sufficient to fill my belly. Now my thirst

is completely satiated." - CC Antya 20.89


"I thus offer my resepctful obeisances unto the lotus

feet of Vrindavan das Thakura. I hope that I will not

offend his lotus feet by this action." - CC Madhya 4.9


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As Vyasadeva has compiled all the pastimes of Lord Krishna in Shrimad-

Bagavatam, Thakura Vrndavana dasa has depicted the pastimes of Lord

Chaitanya. Thakura Vrndavana dasa has composed Chaitanya-mangala.

Hearing this book annihilates all misfortune. By reading Chaitanya-

mangala one can understand all the glories and truths of Lord

Chaitanya and Nityananda and come to the ultimate conclusion of

devotional service to Lord Krishna. In Chaitanya-mangala [later known as

Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata] Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura has given the

conclusion and essence of devotional service by quoting the

authoritative statements of Shrimad-Bagavatam. If even a great atheist

hears Chaitanya-mangala, he immediately becomes a great devotee. The

subject matter of this book is so sublime that it appears that Shri

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has personally spoken through the writings of Shri

Vrndavana dasa Thakura.


Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura has written Chaitanya-mangala and

therein described in all respects the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya. He

first summarized all the pastimes of the Lord and later described

them vividly in detail. The pastimes of Lord Chaitanya are unlimited

and unfathomable. Therefore, in describing all those pastimes, the

book became voluminous. He saw them to be so extensive that he later

felt that some had not been properly described. He ecstatically

described the pastimes of Lord Nityananda, but the later pastimes of

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu remained untold.


In Vrndavana there were also many other great devotees, all of whom

desired to hear the last pastimes of Lord. By their mercy, all these

devotees ordered me to write of the last pastimes of Shri Chaitanya

Mahaprabhu. Because of their order only, although I am shameless, I

have attempted to write this Chaitanya-charitamrita. Having received the

order of the Vaishnavas but being anxious within my heart, I went to

the temple of Madana-mohana in Vrndavana to ask His permission also.

When I prayed to the Lord for permission, a garland from His neck

immediately slipped down. I was greatly pleased to have the garland

signifying the order of the Lord, and then and there I commenced to

write this book. Actually Shri Chaitanya-charitamrita is not my writing

but the dictation of Shri Madana-mohana. My writing is like the

repetition of a parrot. I took permission from Shrila Vrndavana dasa

Thakura by praying at his lotus feet, and upon receiving his order I

have attempted to write this auspicious literature. Shrila Vrndavana

dasa Thakura is the authorized writer on the pastimes of Lord

Chaitanya. Without his mercy, therefore, one cannot describe these

pastimes. (CC Adi-lila 8:34-39,44-48,71-83)


O fools, just read Chaitanya-mangala! By reading this book you can

understand all the glories of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. I offer

millions of obeisances unto the lotus feet of Vrndavana dasa Thakura.

No one else could write such a wonderful book for the deliverance of

all fallen souls. (Shrila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami,CC Adi-lila



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Shrivasa pandita, an intimate associate of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, has an elder brother named Nalina Pandita. His daughter Narayani devi, was the mother of Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura. Mahaprabhu advented in this world to distribute love of God. He inaugurated His pastimes of distribution by first giving this prema to the four-year old Narayani devi, who later became the mother of Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura. The Lord gave her the remanants of His chewed betel nuts and thus empowered her. Later, because of being transcendentally empowered, Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura was born to her. Shri Narayani devi personally saw the pastimes of Lord Gauranga. Whatever Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura heard from his mother, found in Murari Gupta's diary and realized in his own heart about the transcendental pastimes of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he wrote down in Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata. Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura was one of the last direct disciples of Lord Nityananda and is His intimate companion in His eternal pastimes.


A book named Shri Prema-vilasa by Shri Nityanandadasa describes his birth and family identification as follows:

"There was a brahmana named Vaikuntha dasa, who lived in the village of Kumarahatta. Shri Narayani devi was married to him. From the womb of Narayani devi, Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura was born. He was the incarnation of Shrila Vyasadeva. When Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura was within the womb of his mother, his father Vaikuntha dasa left this world and went to the spiritual world. When Shrivasa Pandita saw his niece was pregnant and a widow, he brought her to his home. When Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura was five years old, he lived with his mother at Mamagachi. Vasudeva Datta, a famed recipient of Lord Chaitanya's mercy, took responsibility for the maintainence of Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura and his mother. At the house of Shrila Vasudeva Datta, Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura grew and studied various scriptures. Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura came and lived in a village called Denuda after the disappearance of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Shri Nityananda Prabhu and Shri Advaita Prabhu."


Regarding the previous identification of Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura, Shrila Kavi Karnapura mentions in Shri Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika, verse 109:


veda vyaso ya evasiddaso vrndavanodhuna;

sakha yah kusumapida karyatsam samavisat.


"The combined form of Vedavyasa, the son of Satyavati, and Kusumapida, a cowherd boy in Vraja, is Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura."


Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura spend some time at Mamagachi and then went to Denuda where he compiled Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata. Shri Prema-vilasa describes Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura's residing in Denuda in his own words:

"After travelling and preaching all over Radha-desa, I arrived at Denuda. This is the place where Keshava Bharati (who was later accepted by Lord Chaitanya as his sannyasa guru) enjoyed his childhood pasitmes before taking sannyasa. His nephew Gopala Brahmachari had a well-behaved son named Gopinatha. He lived in this village with Lord Nityananda when I came here. I met Lord Nityananda along with many devotees such as Goinatha and Rama Haridasa. I offered my respectful obeisances to the Lord and began to sing and dance. After taking lunch Lord Nityananda asked me for some mouth freshner. I had saved a haritaki for a long time. I immediately broke it into pieces and gave it to the Lord. The Lord accepted it and said with a smile, "Stay at this place and describe the transcendental qualities of Shri Gauranga. Do not worry for you will see the Lord here. Stay here and work for the benefit of all living entities (by writing the book Chaitanya-Bhagavata). Whenever you feel separation from the Lord, you will be able to see Him here."

Thus Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura fulfilled the order of His worshipable Lord and master Shri Nityananda Prabhu by residing at Denuda and composing this topmost of all literatures, Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata for the benefit of all the living entities. By the causeless mercy of Lord Nityananda, the storekeeper of Lord Gauranga's love, all the pastimes of Lord Gaura-Nitai were revealed in his heart and he became celebrated as an intimate associate of Lord Nitai-Gauranga.