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Title: Gaurangapada Nectar

User: Damodara Svarupa dasa      Date: 2005-02-22 11:34:59



"One should thus associate and hear from Vaishnavas not on the basis

of such a narrow-minded secular organizational understanding, rather

one should consider their adherence to the teachings of Guru-Sadhu-

Shastra and how nicely they have imbibed the instructions of Guru and

Gauranga." -- By Swami Gaurangapada




"Just like the glorification and worship of the pure devotee Acharyas

is advocated by the Lord even before His own worship, the

belittlement of the glories of the Acharyas even if in very subtle

ways is even more harmful and deleterious for the human society than

the direct criticism of the Lord. If the human society or any society

for that matter allows or does not stop the public offenses towards

the great self-realized Acharyas, that society will be totally and

disastrously ruined due to the wrath of the Lord Himself." 

-- By Swami Gaurangapada




"This Navadvipa is such an extremely rare and confidential Dhama

manifested once in 8640,000,000 years. We have a chance to go there.

After a few thousand years no one will have that chance, only for

10,000 years in a period of 8640,000,000 years. This is called the

Golden Age, because Navadvipa is there and the Names Nityananda-

Gauranga are there along with the Maha-mantra.


"Devotees go mostly to Vrindavana but they do not know Lord

Nityananda's verdict: yei sei vraja giya nahi paya rasa, aparadha-

vase rasa haya ta virasa; 'Though the rasa (loving mellows) of Radha-

Krishna is the ultimate goal, an ordinary person who goes to Vrindavana

to achieve that rasa will not be able to attain it there. In fact due

to the offenses, the rasa will turn sour or will become perverted

(virasa).' Hetha vasa kari nama karile asraya; rase adhikara janme

aparadha ksaya; "but if one goes and resides in Navadvipa and takes

shelter of the names of Lords Nityananda-Gauranga and the Hare Krishna

maha-mantra, then one's offenses will be finished and he or she will

become quickly qualified to understand the mellows of love of Shri

Radha and Krishna (because Navadvipa is non-different from Vrindavana)."

 -- By Swami Gaurangapada