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Swami Gaurangapada: Vyasa puja


Nityananda, Gauranga, Hare Krishna, Jaya Guru parampara.


Dear Swami Gaurangapada, please accept my humble obiesances.


Please accept my well wishes for your appearance day. Thank you for

reaching out and extending kindness to me. I am grateful for your internet

preaching, how you allow me to write so freely, and, by your humble

example you draw me closer and closer. Being brought up as a christian I

discovered the qualities of Krishna being, grace and mercy. Now as the Lord

is revealing more of himself to me, I have found kindness and mercy in

your presence. I sincerely pray that simple and sincere souls may be drawn

to you, to receive the Nityananda and Gauranga Mantrarajas, and by grace,

those who are ignorant of these two eternal truths may also be enlightened.


Gratefully yours, Nava Gauranga dasa.