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Guru Purnima


Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna!


Thousands n Thousands of dandavats at your lotus feet

All Glories to Lords Nityananda and Gauranga,who are Guru of all souls.

All Glories to Bramha-Madhava Gaudiya Guru-parampara

All Glories to Gurudeva

All Glories to Guru Pournima


Dear Gurudev,

I was full of ignorance,fully averse to service of lotus feet of Lord Gauranga,

oh how i was tormented my materialism on one side and mayavada on other,

how confused i was on the ultimate aim of life, wht i thought about

spirituality was actually materialism.Such a sinful,fallen,destitute

fool fully envious and averse to service of Hari Guru n Vaishnava.


Yet the most merciful Lord Nityananda the Adi-Guru of evryone,sent His

servant to rescue this most insignificant fallen soul.

Gurudeva, you freely tell the most confidential secrets to

everyone.You neevr saw my faults,but very mercifully gave Nityananda

Gauranga mantras.and not only that you untiringly write,expln

tattva,katha,slideshow, so tht evryone may get unflinching faith in

chanting of Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna.

Gurudeva what mercy you bestowed on this totally worthless fool,The

Complete Glories of Lord Nityananda discourse you expplained the most

nectarian Glories ,most confiential glories of Lord Nityananda.

O Gurudeva,i never printed Nityananda Charitamrita out of my own,by

listning to Complete Glories of Lord Nityananda nectar,i felt inspired


The Complete Glories of Lord Nityananda discourse i can never forget.

I could hav neevr visited the most merciful Ekachakra n Navdvipa Puri

Dhama,if not for your caseless mercy.

You out of grt mercy gav me spirtual name.That name which makes me

proud tht one day i by your mercy i can actually be servent of Lord


You causelessly give mercy,more thn i can hold.

Your most nectarian commentaries on scriptures shatter all

ignorance.even the most complex and difficult to undersatnd tatvas you

explain in such a way tht evn a child can understand.

One is immidiately inspired n motivated by reading your writyings n

listning to your discourses.


I commit so many offences at your lotus feet,i am the most ungrateful wretch,

pls forgive me and always keep me at your lotus feet life after life,i

want to worship Lord Nityananda Gauranga,n listen to Complete Glories

of Lord Nityananda.n read NGN,CB,NC,CCd......


aspiring to be a humble servant of your lotus feet


-Bhushana Nityananda dasa


Nityaaaaaaaanada!Gauraaaaaaaanga!Hare Krishna!