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Guru Purnima Offerings


Nityananda ... Gauranga ... Hare Krishna .... Jaya Shrila Prabhupada .... Jaya Shrila Gaurangapada ... Jayo Gaura Bhakta Vrnda


Namah OM Gaurangapadaya Nitai-Presthaaya Bhutale

Shrimate BhaktiRatna Sadhu iti namine


Gaura Naama Dhaama Bhakta Lila Tattva pracharine

Nityananda Gauranga Naama, Gaura-Sahitya vitarine


My Gurudeva and my most beloved spiritual father - Please accept the humblest obeisances of this most dreaded sinner at your lotus feet.


I just wanted to pray that my spiritual father never forget this sinner whom he had shown his mercy on; and please have mercy on me by forgiving this sinner. Again I'm being so selfish and always asking for my own benefits, but I guess that' how sinners are and will always be :-( I donot know why, but I feel extremely happy, and feel like jumping today.


Again, on one of the most holiest days, I'm away from my Gurudeva and I'm not able to service him and take his orders. So wretched soul I'm.I know I have to tell a lot to you, but nothing is coming up write now in this little head :-) Again, please accept my millions of dandavat pranams at your holy lotus feet.


May Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga have mercy on me and engage me in the service of my Gurudev's feet for the rest of life. May Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga have mercy on me and give me the energy to carry out my Gurudev' orders.


Your servant, Radha Ramana dasa.