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Dear Swami Gaurangapada


Please accept my humble obeisancess. All glories to Shrila Prabhupada and Shri Shri Gaur-Nitai.


I have read the article on "Ideal House holder life" that is posted under your name.


At the end of the article I have read this one :





"But when the home becomes unfavorable for his service, he then becomes eligible to leave home. At that time the detachment he develops for his house through his devotional service is accepted."



The first statement that "when home becomes unfavourable for his service, then he becomes eligible to leave home".


I feel this is not the criteria that one has developed detachment. One may be having a difficult time to maintain family, and even for that reason also his devotional service may be hampered.


And if one has really become detached, still he need not feel home as unfavourable, as exhibited by many associates of Gauranga Mahaprabhu.


Since this is Kali-yuga, if a householder gives up his home on this pretext that he has become detached, without providing proper maintenance for his family members, the family members will fall in trouble. May be he is trying to escape from family due to problems.


May be that is the reason I feel acaryas have recommended that grhasthas may remain in family life and continue to act for the spiritual-welfare of family members first, before acting for the spiritual-welfare of the world. Only when one is sufficiently purified, and at the proper time & age should give up family life on superior order of guru or Krishna for the purpose of preaching.



Hari Bol