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Vrajendra-Nandana, Bhaje Jei Jana

Shrila Locana dasa Thakura


vrajendra-nandana, bhaje jei jana, saphala jivana ta’ra,

tahara upama, vede nahi sima, tri-bhuvane nahi ara (1)


That person who worships Vrajendra-nandana makes his life successful. In the three

worlds there is none equal to Him. The Vedas cannot completely describe His glories.


emana madhava, na bhaje manava, kakhana mariya jabe,

sei se adhama, prahariya yama, raurave krimite khabe (2)


Whoever fails to worship that Shri Madhava is taken to Yamaraja after death and put in

the hell called Raurava-loka (where he is eaten alive by worms and insects). There is

no one as sinful as him.


ta’ra-para ara, papi nahi chara, samsara jagat-majhe,

kona kale ta’ra, gati nahi ara, michai bhramiche kaje (3)


Since there is no greater sinner than he throughout the universe, he cannot be

delivered at any time but continues to wander, performing temporary materialistic

activities that result in suffering.


shri locana dasa, bhakatira asha, hari-guna kahi likhi,

hena rasa-sara, mati nahi ja’ra, ta’ra mukha nahi dekhi (4)


Shri Locana dasa states, "Only by my desire to obtain bhakti am I able to describe Shri

Hari’s qualities. I never wish to see the face of that person whose intelligence is not

fixed on Vrajendra-nandana, the very essence and embodiment of all rasa.