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Sukhera Lagiya

Shri Candidasa


sukhera lagiya, ei ghara badhinu, agune pudiya gela

amiya sagare, sinana karite, sakali garala bhela (1)


Aho! In the hope of finding happiness, I labored hard to build a house, but fire came

and it was burned up. I swam in the ocean of nectar, but that nectar turned out to be



sakhi! ki mora kapale lekhi

shitala baliya, cada sevinu, bhanura kirana dekhi (2)


O my dear friend, how unfortunate I am! Knowing that moonbeams are very cooling,

I went to take shelter of the moon to cool off my burning body, but those rays turned

into hot sunrays which scorched me instead.


ucala baliya, acale cadinu, padinu agadha-jale

lachami cahite, daridrya bedhala, manika haranu hele (3)


Knowing the height of a mountain, I climbed to the peak and then fell into the deep

ocean. I want money but I am always surrounded by poverty. A very valuable touchstone

came in my hand but at once I lost it.


nagara basalama, sagara badhilama, manika pabara ashe

sagara shukala, manika lukala, abhagi-karama-doshe (4)


I built a city on the shore of the ocean and made a dam to move the ocean in the hope

of finding gemstones on the ocean bed, but due to the fault of my own ill fortune, the

gemstones also hid themselves.


piyasa lagiya, jalada sevinu, vajara padiya gela

kahe candidasa, shyamera piriti, marame rahala shela (5)


When I was thirsty, I took shelter of a cloud (but rain did not come). Instead, a thunderbolt

struck my head. The poet Shri Candidasa laments, “That I have no affection for the

lotus feet of Shri Shyamasundara is the only sorrow in my heart. (My love for Shyama is

like a trident piercing my heart.)”