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Shri Rupa-Manjari-Pada

Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura


shri rupa-manjari-pada, sei mora sampada,

sei mora bhajana-pujana

sei mora prana-dhana, sei mora abharana,

sei mora jivanera jivana (1)


The lotus feet of Shri Rupa Manjari are my dearmost treasure. They are the topmost

object of my worship and inner devotional practices. Her lotus feet are my most

cherished wealth, more dear than my own life. They are the exquisite ornament of my

life, and indeed are the very essence of my existence.


sei mora rasa-nidhi, sei mora vancha-siddhi,

sei mora vedera dharama

sei vrata, sei tapah, sei mora mantra japa,

sei mora dharama karama (2)


Her lotus feet are the treasurehouse of rasa. They bestow the perfection of my desires

(precious service to Shrimati Radhika - sva-bhakti-shriyam) and they are the conclusion

of all the Vedas. Her lotus feet fulfill the goal of my vows and austerities, my harinama

japa, my actions, and my spiritual practices - all performed with the aim to please

Shri Rupa Manjari.


anukula ha’be vidhi, se-pade haibe siddhi,

nirakhiba e dui nayane

se rupa-madhuri-rashi, prana-kuvalaya-shashi,

praphullita ha’be nishi-dine (3)


When Mahaprabhu is pleased with me, then by His mercy I will attain perfection, and

with these two eyes I will behold Shri Rupa Manjari’s lotus feet. Shri Rupa Manjari‘s

beauty is full of sweetness like the moon. Just as on a moonlit night the kumuda lotus

comes to full blossom, my heart will fully bloom night and day in the rays of her

moon-like beauty!


tuwa adarshana-ahi, garale jarala dehi,

cira-dina tapita jivana

ha ha prabhu! kara daya, deha more pada-chaya,

narottama laila sharana (4)


Your absence from my vision is like snake poison spreading throughout my body,

gradually consuming my strength. For the rest of my life my soul will be burning.

Narottama dasa laments, “Alas, Prabhu! O Rupa Gosvami! Please give me the shade

of your lotus feet. There I am taking shelter.”