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Shri Radha-Krishne Vijnapti

A Prayer to Shri Radha-Krishna

Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura


shri radha-krishna pada-kamale mana

kemane labhibe carama sharana (1)

cira-dina kariya o-carana-asha

ache he basiya e adhama dasa (2)


O mind, how is it possible to attain the ultimate shelter - the lotus feet of Shri Radha

and Krishna? This wretched servant has been waiting since time immemorial, sustaining

hope against hope for Your shelter.


he radhe! he krishnacandra! bhakta prana

pamare yugala-bhakti kara’ dana (3)

bhakti-hina bali’ na kara’ upeksha

murkha-jane deha’ jnana-sushiksha (4)


O Radhe! O Krishnacandra! I know I am pamara, most wicked, but please be merciful

and give me bhakti for You. I am completely bereft of devotion so surely You cannot

neglect me. I am such a foolish person, murkha-jana, but still, please bestow upon

me devotional knowledge and instructions.



deha’ adhikara yugala-vilase (5)


It is true, I am so absorbed and troubled by my thirst for material enjoyment. So please

give me entrance into the service of Your amorous pastimes.


cancala-jivana-srota pravahiya,

kalera sagare dhaya

gela je divasa, na asibe ara,

ebe krishna ki upaya (6)


This flickering life is rushing towards the ocean of death and can end at any moment.

The days that have passed without performing bhajana can never be reclaimed. Alas,

Krishna, now what am I to do?


tumi patita-janera bandhu

jani he tomare natha, tumi ta’ karuna-jala-sindhu (7)


O my masters, I know that You are the true friends of the fallen and the very ocean

of kindness. (There is no limit to Your mercy.)


ami bhagya-hina, ati arvacina,

na jani bhakati-lesha

nija-gune natha, kara’ atmasat,

ghucaiya bhava-klesha (8)


I am devoid of all good fortune and extremely foolish. I have not even a scent of

bhakti. O Natha, by Your greatness, let me become totally absorbed in You, thereby

giving me relief from the pangs of material sufferings.

siddha-deha diya, vrindavana majhe,


sevamrita kara’ dana

piyaiya prema, matta kari’ more,

shuna’ nija guna-gana (9)


Please bestow upon me my siddha-deha. Place me in the midst of Vrindavana, and

shower upon me the nectar of Your devotional service. Allow me to drink the nectar

of Your prema and let me be fully absorbed in it, so much so that I become maddened.

Then You will be able to hear me sing about Your astonishing attributes.


yugala sevaya, shri rasa-mandale,

niyukta kara’ amaya

lalita sakhira, ayogya kinkari,

vinoda dhariche paya (10)


Bhaktivinoda, the unworthy servant of Lalita Sakhi, tightly holding Your lotus feet

close to his heart, begs to be engaged in Your confidential seva in the shri rasamandala.

Please hear my supplication and appoint me as Your maidservant. (Another

meaning of vinoda is “always giving pleasure to Radha-Krishna.”)