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Sai, Keva Shunaila Shyama-Nama

Shri Candidasa


sai, keva shunaila shyama-nama

kanera bhitara diya, marame pashila go

akula karila mora prana (1)


O my dear sakhi, who is that person who first made Me hear this name “Shyama”? When

it enters My heart through My ears, I become overwhelmed with impatience.


na jani kateka madhu, shyama-name ache go

vadana chadite nahi pare

japite japite nama, avasha karila go

kemane paiba, sai, tare (2)


I don’t know how much sweetness fills this name. It is so sweet that My tongue will

not leave it for a moment. As I go on repeating this name, I become completely

absorbed. O sakhi, how will I ever be able to meet Him?


nama-paratape ja’ra, aichana karila go

angera parashe kiva haya

jekhane vasati ta’ra, sekhane thakhiya go

yuvati dharama kaiche raya (3)


If that person’s name alone has the power to put Me in such a condition, I cannot even

imagine what My condition would be if I were to touch His body. Wherever He stays,

how can the young women maintain their religious principles?


pasarite cahi mane, pasara na jaya go

ki kariba ki habe upaya

kahe dvija-candidase, kulavati kula-nashe

apanare yauvana jacaya (4)


In My heart I want to forget Him, but I cannot. Now I cannot understand what is the

remedy, what to do. Dvija Candidasa says, “Simply by displaying His youthful beauty,

that Shyamananda has destroyed the whole dynasty of chaste ladies.”