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Ohe, Premera Thakura Gora

(from Shri Sajjana-Toshani)


ohe, premera thakura gora

pranera yatana kiva kaba, natha! hayechi apana-hara (1)


O Shri Gaurasundara, worshipable Lord of prema! O my master! What will I tell You of

my sorrows and sufferings? I have forgotten my original identity.


ki ara baliba, je-kajera tore

enechile, natha! jagate amare,

eta-dina pare kahite se katha, khede duhkhe hai sara (2)


O my Lord, what more can I say? After enduring many wounds inflicted from my

difficulties, then many days later I remembered the reason for which You gave me

birth in this world.


tomara bhajane na janmila rati,

jada-mohe matta sada duramati -

vishayira kache theke theke ami hainu vishayi-para (3)


O Lord! I’m so unfortunate that I had no attachment for worshiping You but was

always evil-minded and mad for material enjoyment. Living with sense enjoyers, I

became like them.


ke ami, kena je esechi ekhane,

se-katha kakhana nahi bhavi mane,

kakhana bhogera, kakhana tyagera chalanaya mana nace (4)


Who am I? Why am I in this world? These questions I never pondered. Sometimes

enjoying, sometimes renouncing - my mind was dancing in this cheating.


ki gati haibe kakhana bhavi na,

hari-bhakatera kacheo jai na,

hari-vimukhera ku-lakshana jata amatei saba ache (5)


I never considered what would be my outcome. I never associated with Krishna’s devotees,

and I exhibited all bad signs of being opposed to Bhagavan.


shri-guru-kripaya bhengeche svapana,

bujhechi ekhana tumi-i apana,

tava nija-jana parama-bandhava samsara karagare (6)


Now, by Shri Guru’s grace my eyes have been opened and my dream has been broken.

I now understand that I have only You and that Your beloved devotees are my greatest

friends in the prisonhouse of this material world.


ana na bhajiba bhakta-pada vinu,

ratula-carane sharana loinu,

uddharaho natha! maya-jala ha’te e dasera keshe dho’re (7)


Now I worship Your devotees exclusively and will serve no one else. O Natha! Now I

have taken shelter of Your lotus feet, which are like red lotuses. Pulling me by the hair,

please deliver me from Maya’s net.


patakire tumi kripa kara naki?

jagai-madhai chila je pataki,

tahate jenechi, premera thakura! patakireo tara tumi (8)


Do You not bestow Your mercy on the sinners? Were not Jagai and Madhai also fallen?

Yet You gave them Your mercy. From this I can understand that You are the Lord of

prema and the deliverer of the fallen.


ami bhakti-hina, dina, akincana -

aparadhi-shire dao du’ carana,

tomara abhaya shri carane cira - sharana lainu ami (9)


O Prabhu, I am devoid of bhakti, wretched, and destitute. Put Your feet that grant

fearlessness on the head of this offender. I take shelter of Your divine feet.