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Hari He Dayala Mora


hari he dayala mora jaya radhanatha

bara-bara eibara laha nija satha (1)


O Hari! O my merciful Radhanatha! All glories to You. Again and again I have petitioned

You, and now I am begging You to accept me in Your intimate company.


bahu yoni bhrami’ natha lainu sharana

nija-gune kripa kara adhama-tarana (2)


O my master! After wandering through many species of life, I have come to Your

shelter. Out of Your magnanimity, kindly deliver this degraded person.


jagata-karana tumi jagata-jivana

toma chada ka’ra nahi, he radha-ramana (3)


O Radha-Ramana, You are the cause behind the creation and its very life. You are my

only support, there is no one else.


bhuvana-mangala tumi bhuvanera pati

tumi upekshile natha, ki haibe gati (4)


O Natha, You are the source of auspiciousness and beneficent master of the three

worlds. If You forsake me, then what will be my end?


bhaviya dekhinu ei jagata-majhare

toma vina keha nahi e dase uddhare (5)


O Lord, I have come to the conclusion that in this material ocean there is no one else

to deliver this servant but You.