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Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura


atma-nivedana, tuwa pade kari’, hainu parama sukhi

duhkha dure gela, cinta na rahila, caudike ananda dekhi (1)


O My Lord, since I have surrendered my soul permanently at Your lotus feet, I have

become supremely joyful. All my sufferings and sorrows have gone far away, and no

more anxieties remain in my mind. I see only bliss everywhere in all four directions.


ashoka-abhaya, amrita-adhara, tomara carana-dvaya

tahate ekhana, vishrama labhiya, chadinu bhavera bhaya (2)


Your lotus feet are reservoirs of immortal nectar where one may live free from lamentation

and fear. I have found peace there now and have given up the fear of worldly



tomara samsare, kariba sevana, nahiba phalera bhagi

tava sukha jahe, kariba yatana, ha’ye pade anuragi (3)


I am the servant in Your house, working diligently without attachment to enjoying the

fruits of my labor. Everything I do is only for Your pleasure and thus I am always

enchanted by remembering Your lotus feet.


tomara sevaya, duhkha haya jata, seo to’ parama sukha

seva-sukha-duhkha, parama sampada, nashaye avidya-duhkha (4)


Whatever problems come to me in the course of rendering service to You I accept as

the highest pleasure, for in the course of Your service happiness and distress are

equally great riches. Both destroy the misery of ignorance.


purva itihasa, bhulinu sakala, seva-sukha pe’ye mane

ami to’ tomara, tumi to’ amara, ki kaja apara dhane (5)


Since I have become absorbed in happily serving You, I have completely forgotten all

my past history. All I know is that I am Yours, and You are mine. What else is of any



bhakativinoda, anande dubiya, tomara sevara tare

saba ceshta kare, tava iccha-mata, thakiya tomara ghare (6)


Bhaktivinoda, sinking in an ocean of nectar, says, “All of my endeavors are completely

mixed with Your desires and are directed to You only now that I am a resident

in Your house.”