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First Chapter-Nine truths of evidence



Q. What command has the supremely worshipable Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu given to us?

A. His order is this: that we very carefully observe the nine instructions of truth that Shri Madhvacarya has given us through the guru-parampara (disciplic succession).

Q. Who form the guru-parampara?

A. The adi-guru (original guru) of all the spiritual masters in the disciplic succession is Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Showing His great mercy, He gave instructions in the truth to Lord Brahma, the adi-kavi (original poet). These truths were in turn taught by Brahma to Shri Narada, by Narada to Vyasa, and successively from Vyasa to Shri Madhvacarya. Such instructions received through this disciplic succession are called Guru-Parampara-Upadesa.

Q. What are the names of these nine instructions given by Shri Madhvacarya?

A. Their names are thus:

1) Bhagavan alone is the Supreme truth, one without a second.
2) He is the object of knowledge in all the Vedas.
3) The universe is real [satya].
4) Differences [between Isvara, jiva and matter] are real.
5) Jiva souls are the servants of Lord Hari.
6) All souls are different according to their different situations.
7) Liberation [moksa] is the name of attainment of Bhagavan's feet.
8) Bhagavan's pure worship [amala bhajana] is the only way to attain liberation.
9) Pratyaksa [direct perception], anumana [logic], and sabda [spiritual sound] are the three types of evidence.