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Sixth Chapter-Jiva is the servant of Shri Hari



Q. What is the natural eternal position (nitya-dharma) of the spirit soul?

A. The nitya-dharma of the jiva is service to Shri Krishna (krishna-dasya).

Q. What is the unnatural, fallen position (vaidharmya) of the spirit soul?

A. The downfall of the jiva occurs

1) When a deluded soul accepts the doctrine of non-difference (abheda) and seeks impersonal nirvana; or
2) When a foolish soul seeks proficiency in materialistic pleasures.

Q. Why do you call these things unnatural?

A. They're unnatural because the spirit soul is made of eternal consciousness (chinmaya), and the only eternal nature of anything that is chinmaya is happiness (ananda) and love (priti). In the impersonalistic doctrine of nirvisesa-vada there is no happiness; their ultimate goal is simply to negate the soul. And in the philosophy of the materialistic visesa-vada (vaisesika), the unique eternal spiritual distinction of the soul is obliterated. Therefore, both the jiva's downfall and the jada-vada cause the jiva's downfall.

Q. Who searches after materialistic happiness?

A. People who are bewildered by their material karma conduct fruitive activities on the entangling path of action and reaction, and thereby pursue future happiness with hopes of attaining the heavenly material planets, etc.

Q. Who searches for power and influence in the material sphere?

A. Those who have achieved perfection in the path of astanga yoga (eightfold process), and also those who practice the path of Sadanga-Yoga (six-fold process), search for power in the material sphere that comes from the fruits of their mysticism (vibhuti).

Q. What will remain of the spirit soul if you rebuke both materialistic happiness and impersonal nirvana?

A. Then the soul will rest in its own natural joyfulness. These two types of so-called happiness are merely material designations (upadhika); the realization of the soul's natural, eternal ecstasy is not a material designation (it is nirupadhika).

Q. What is the realization of the soul's own true happiness?

A. The spirit soul that is stripped of its relationship with matter perceives the ecstatic happiness of cultivating its relationship with Shri Krishna, a boundless joy that is characteristic of its own pure consciousness - that is the natural happiness of the jiva.