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       The marriage of Sukanya and Chyavana Muni.

Kakudmi gives his Daughter, Revati, in marriage to Lord Baladeva.



     Sharyati, the son of Vaivasvata Manu, had a beautiful lotus-eyed daughter named Sukanya. Once, Sharyati went to the forest to visit Chyavana Muni’s ashram, and he took his daughter with him. As Sukanya was collecting fruit, surrounded by her many girl friends, she happened to see two glowing objects within the hole of an earthworm. As if induced by providence, Sukanya foolishly pierced those two supposed glowworms with a straw, and immediately, blood began oozing from them.

Soon thereafter, when it came to King Sharyati’s attention that all of his soldiers were obstructed from passing stool and urine, he exclaimed, “How strange it is that one of us has attempted to offend Chyavana Muni, the son of Bhrigu!” 

     When she heard this, Sukanya became very afraid, and so she admitted to her father, “It is I who have done something wrong, for I ignorantly pierced two luminous things.”

     When Sharyati heard about what his daughter had done, he also became very afraid, for he could understand that it was Chyavana himself who was staying within the earthworm’s hole. King Sharyati informed Chyavana Muni of his daughter’s misbehavior, and tried to appease him in various ways.

In response, Chyavana inquired as to whether the girl was married or not, and so the intelligent king could immediately understand the muni’s purpose. Without hesitation, King Sharyati gave his daughter to Chyavana, and thus escaped the danger of being cursed.   

     After receiving the Muni’s permission, King Sharyati returned home, while Sukanya remained with her husband. Although Chyavana was old enough to be her grandfather, and very irritable, Sukanya fully submitted to him and dealt with him very carefully according to his mood. Knowing his mind, Sukanya served Chyavana very diligently, without allowing herself to become bewildered.

     Some time thereafter, the Ashvini-kumaras, who are the physicians of the heavenly planets, happened to visit Chyavana Muni’s ashram. After offering the Ashvini-kumaras great respect, Chyavana made the following proposal: “Although you are ineligible to drink the soma-rasa that is offered in sacrifices, I promise to give you a full pot of it. In return, kindly arrange a handsome, youthful life for me, because these qualities are very attractive to young women.”

     The Ashvini-kumaras gladly accepted this proposal and told the brahmana, “Just dive into this lake, which can fulfill all desires.”

     Chyavana was an old and diseased invalid with loose skin, white hair, and veins that were visible all over his body. After speaking, the Ashvini-kumaras caught hold of the muni, who could hardly move on his own, and entered the lake, along with him. Thereafter, three men with very beautiful bodily features emerged from the lake. They were all very nicely dressed, decorated with ornaments and lotus-flower garlands, and they all had exactly the same appearance.

     Because of this, the chaste and very beautiful Sukanya could not distinguish her husband from the two Ashvini-kumaras. Finally, to resolve the dilemma, Sukanya took shelter of the Ashvini-kumaras and begged them to reveal their actual identities. The twin Asvins were very pleased to see Sukanya’s chastity and faithfulness, and so they gladly pointed out Chyavana to her and then departed in their celestial airplane, after taking the muni’s permission.

     Some time later, King Sharyati decided to perform a sacrifice, and so he went to Chyavana’s ashram with the desire of engaging him as the priest. Upon his arrival, Sharyati saw a very handsome young man sitting by his daughter’s side.

       After receiving Sukanya’s obeisances, the king angrily rebuked her by saying, “O unchaste girl, you have cheated your most respectable husband simply because he is old and diseased, and thus physically unattractive. For this reason, you have left his company to accept some street beggar as your illicit lover.”

“My daughter, you were born in a respectable family. Why have you degraded yourself in this way? Because of shamelessly keeping this paramour, you will cause the dynasties of both your mother and father to fall down into hellish life!”

       Sukanya was very proud of her chastity, so that after being chastised in this way, she smilingly replied, “My dear father, this young man who is sitting by my side is your son-in-law, Chyavana Muni. By the mercy of the Ashvini-kumaras, he has received this handsome, youthful body.”

       When King Sharyati understood the truth of the matter, he became very satisfied and embraced his daughter with great pleasure. Thereafter, when Chyavana Muni performed the soma-yagya on behalf of King Sharyati, he offered a full pot of soma-rasa to the Ashvini-kumaras.

Indra became enraged at this unprecedented act, however, and so to kill the brahmana in retaliation, he invoked his thunderbolt. But, with his superior prowess, Chyavana Muni paralyzed Indra’s arm before he could even release the weapon. As a result, even though the Ashvini-kumaras had formerly been excluded from drinking soma-rasa, on the grounds that they were mere physicians, the demigods pacified Chyavana by agreeing that henceforward, they would be able to do so.

       A grandson of Sharyati’s, named Revata, constructed a kingdom within the depths of the ocean, which was known as Kushasthali. King Revata had one hundred sons, of whom the eldest was Kakudmi.

Once upon a time, Kakudmi took his daughter, Revati, and went to see Lord Brahma in Satyaloka, for the purpose of inquiring about a suitable husband for her. However, upon his arrival, Kakudmi found that Lord Brahma was engaged in listening to a concert performed by the Gandharvas, and thus could not be disturbed. Kakudmi decided to wait, and so, when the concert was over, he was able to meet Lord Brahma. After offering his obeisances, Kakudmi submitted the names of those whom he regarded to be a suitable husband for his daughter.   

     In response, Lord Brahma laughed loudly and said, “O King, all of those whom you may have decided to accept as your son-in-law have long since passed away. Indeed, as you waited here for almost half an hour, twenty-seven cycles of the four yugas have passed, so that even the sons and grandsons of those whom you have chosen have long ago been forgotten.”

      “Still, Lord Baladeva, the all-powerful Supreme Personality of Godhead is present on the earth, and is quite fit for accepting the hand of your daughter. Because He is the well-wisher of all living entities, Lord Baladeva has descended, along with all of His paraphernalia, to lessen the burden of the earth. Please go now and offer your daughter to Him.”   

     After receiving this order, Kakudmi offered his obeisances to Lord Brahma, and upon returning home, he found that it had been vacated by his relatives out of fear of the Yakshas. After giving his most beautiful daughter in charity to the supremely powerful Lord Baladeva, Kakudmi retired from worldly life and went to Badarikashram, to worship Nara-Narayana.