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     Next, to show how Lord Shiva, whose reputation became reduced by Maya Danava, derives his prowess from Lord Krishna, Narada related to King Yudhisthira the following history. 

    Once, long ago, when the demons were defeated in battle by the demigods, they took shelter of Maya Danava, a great technological wizard. Maya Danava then constructed three dwellings (tri-pura), which resembled airplanes- out of gold, silver and iron. Equipped with all kinds of paraphernalia, these residences allowed the demons to remain invisible, and so, taking advantage of this, they began conquering the three worlds.

     When the demigods saw how the demons were engaged in destroying the higher planetary systems, they approached Lord Shiva for shelter. Fully surrendering unto him, the demigods prayed, “Dear lord, we are about to be vanquished. Because we are all your faithful followers, please save us from this dangerous situation.”

       Lord Shiva then reassured the demigods by saying, “Do not be afraid” and thereafter, he released his arrows at the demons’ three residences. Lord Shiva’s golden arrows were like fiery beams emanating from the sun, and upon being struck by them, all of the demons were killed. Maya Danava threw the bodies of the slain demons into a well of nectar that he had made, however, and as a result, all of the demons immediately came back to life. Indeed, having become much more powerful, so that their bodies were now immune to the attack of thunderbolts, the demons rose up like lightning that penetrated the clouds. Upon seeing this, Lord Shiva became very aggrieved and disappointed and so Lord Vishnu began to consider how the nuisance created by Maya Danava could be stopped.

     Thereafter, Lord Brahma became a calf and Lord Vishnu, a cow, and at noon, they entered tri-pura and drank all of the nectar in the well. The demons could perceive this, but due to the action of the Lord’s illusory energy, they could not forbid the cow and calf to drink the nectar.  When Maya Danava saw what was happening, he considered it to be an act of providence, and so he told the demons, “What has been destined by the Supreme Lord cannot be undone anywhere or by anyone, whether he be a demigod, demon, or human being.”

     After this, Lord Krishna, by His personal potency, equipped Lord Shiva with a chariot, driver, flag, horses, bow, shield, and arrows. Being thus provided with all of the necessary paraphernalia, Lord Shiva mounted his chariot and at noon, set fire to all three residences of the demons with his arrows. Upon seeing the destruction of tri-pura, the demigods, whose airplanes were stationed in the sky, joyfully beat upon their celestial drums and showered flowers upon Lord Shiva’s head. Thereafter, Lord Shiva, who thus became known as Tripurari, returned to his own abode after being worshiped by all of the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma.