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The degraded dynasties of Kali-yuga.



     Here is a continuation of the description of future kings that will appear in Kali-yuga. In the previous description (in the 9th Canto), the last king of the Magadha dynasty mentioned was Puranjaya. Puranjaya’s minister, Sunaka, will assassinate the king and then install his own son on the throne. Such is the behavior in Kali-yuga.

     Later on, King Mahanandi will beget a very powerful son in the womb of a shudra woman. This son, Nanda, will have a powerful army, consisting of millions of soldiers, and he will become fabulously wealthy. He will create havoc among the kshatriyas and from then on, almost all of the kings will be irreligious shudras.

     King Nanda will rule the earth like a second Parashurama, and no one will be able to challenge his authority. He will have eight sons that will each rule the earth for one hundred years. Then, a certain brahmana (Chanakya) will betray the trust of King Nanda and his sons and thereby destroy the dynasty. The Mauryas will then rule the earth for 137 years, with Chanakya first of all placing Chandragupta on the throne.

     When his general, Pushpamitra will kill the last Maurya king, Brihadratha, the Shunga dynasty will come to power for 112 years. Vasudeva, an intelligent minister of the Kanva family, will then kill the last of the Shunga kings, a lusty debauchee named Devabhuti. Vasudeva will become king and the Kanva dynasty will rule the earth for 345 years. The last Kanva king, Susharma, will be murdered by his own servant, Bali, a degraded low-class shudra of the Andhra race. Maharaja Bali will then rule the earth for some time, and his descendents will rule the earth for an additional 456 years.

     After the descendents of Bali, numerous Abhira, Kanka, Yavana and, at last, Maula kings will rule for 1399 years. After this, the kings of Kilakila will rule for 106 years. Then, after numerous kings of various dynasties separately rule in different parts of the world, there will appear a king of the Magadhas named Vishvasphurji. He will be like a second Puranjaya and turn all of the civilized classes into low-class uncivilized men. King Vishvasphurji will maintain his kingdom, which will extend from Hardwar to Prayaga, in a most ungodly manner. The brahmanas in his kingdom will forget all of their regulative principles, and the kshatriyas will become no better than shudras. 

     There will be many such kings ruling simultaneously and they will all be uncharitable, fierce tempered, devoid of truthfulness, and in general- great devotees of irreligion. These barbarians in the guise of kings will practically devour the poor citizens. They will be erratic in their moods, have little strength of character, and they will be short-lived and devoid of any purifying practices. The citizens will imitate the character, behavior and speech of these low-class kings, and thus everyone will become spoiled.