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The disappearance of Lord Shri Krishna



 Lord Brahma then arrived at Prabhasa-kshetra, along with Lord Shiva and his consort. Following them were all of the demigods, headed by Indra- as well as great sages, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Apsaras, etc. - all greatly eager to witness the departure of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. While assembling in the sky, they glorified the birth and activities of Lord Krishna, and from their airplanes they showered flowers with great devotion.

     Seeing Brahma before Him, along with the others, the Almighty Lord closed His lotus eyes and fixed His mind within Himself.

     By personal example, Lord Krishna taught us that at the time of death, one should try to fix his mind upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Besides this- because the demigods, headed by Brahma, had invited the Lord to descend to this world, they hoped to take Him to their planets before His departure. To avoid this social obligation, Lord Krishna closed His eyes, as if absorbed in samadhi.

     Then, without using the agneyi meditation, to make His body burst into flames, as perfect yogis do, Lord Krishna returned to His Own abode in the spiritual sky. As soon as Krishna left this earth- Truth, Religion, Faithfulness, Glory, and Beauty followed Him, while drums sounded from above and flowers showered from the sky.  Only a very few of the higher beings, such as Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, could see Lord Krishna entering His own abode, and they were highly astonished to witness this. Thereafter, all of the demigods returned to their respective residences.

     It should be understood that Lord Krishna’s appearance and disappearance are manifestations of His internal potency, and so are something like a dramatic performance. In all situations, the Supreme Lord is unchanged and remains situated in His Own transcendental glory. Anyone who regularly rises early in the morning and carefully chants, with devotion, the glories of Lord Krishna’s transcendental disappearance, will certainly achieve the same destination- the Lord’s transcendental abode.

     When Daruka arrived at Dvaraka, he went and threw himself at the feet of Vasudeva and Ugrasena. While lamenting the loss of Lord Krishna’s association, Daruka drenched their feet with his tears. He then told about the destruction of the Yadus, and everyone who listened became stunned with grief. Feeling intense pain in separation from Lord Krishna, they repeatedly struck their own faces with their fists, and then rushed to the place where their kinsmen lay dead.

     When Devaki, Rohini and Vasudeva could not find their sons, Krishna and Balarama, they fainted, due to intense grief. Indeed, being tormented by intense separation, the Lord’s parents gave up their lives at that very spot.  The wives of the other Yadu heroes climbed onto the funeral pyres and embraced their dead husbands. The wives of Lord Krishna, headed by Rukmini, entered His fire, and the wives of Balarama and Vasudeva entered their husbands’ fires. The wives of Lord Krishna’s sons, headed by Pradyumna, entered the funeral fires of their respective husbands.

     Arjuna felt terribly distressed because of separation from his dearmost friend. But he was able to somewhat pacify himself by remembering what Lord Krishna had sung to him on the battlefield at Kurukshetra. At this time, Arjuna saw to it that all of the funeral rites were properly performed, for each and every Yadu.

     The ocean then submerged Dvaraka, sparing only Lord Krishna’s palaces (or, in another sense, only the external manifestation of Dvaraka, which had been constructed by Vishvakarma, was covered, whereas the Lord’s eternal Dvaraka remained untouched).

     Arjuna took the surviving Yadu women, children and old men to Indraprastha. He then installed Vajra as the ruler of the Yadus, and he installed Parikshit as the king of the Kurus.

     The all-auspicious pastimes of the all-attractive incarnations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are described in Shrimad-Bhagavatam. Anyone who clearly chants these descriptions of the Lord’s pastimes will attain the transcendental loving service of Lord Krishna, Who is the goal of all perfect sages.