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       The Yadu dynasty retires to Prabhasa.



       Once, Lord Brahma came to Dvaraka, desiring to see Lord Krishna. He was accompanied by his sons, Lord Shiva, Indra and all classes of demigods.  As the demigods looked upon the transcendental form of Lord Krishna with unsatiated eyes, they covered Him with garlands of flowers that they had brought from the heavenly gardens. After praising Him with suitable prayers, the demigods bowed down at Shri Krishna’s lotus feet. They then expressed their great fortune at being able to see the Lord’s entire body, because His lotus feet alone are sought after by great saintly persons.

     The currents of material nature are very powerful and so one should cling very tightly to the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord. Otherwise, the violent waves of sense gratification and mental speculation will surely carry one away from his constitutional position.

     After offering numerous prayers glorifying Lord Krishna’s supreme position, Lord Brahma situated himself in the sky and said, “My dear Lord, previously we had requested You to remove the burden of the earth, and this has certainly been fulfilled by You. You have also spread Your fame throughout the entire world, while re-establishing the principles of religion, so that it will be easy for persons in the forthcoming Kali-yuga to cross over the darkness of that age.”

“My dear Lord, You have descended in the Yadu dynasty and have remained on the earth for one hundred and twenty-five years, along with Your associates. Nothing else remains to be done by You and so, if You desire, You may return to Your Own abode in the spiritual sky. We are Your humble servants, managing the universal affairs on Your behalf, and so kindly continue to give us protection.”

     Lord Krishna said, “Brahma, chief of the demigods, I have indeed executed all that you desired, but I must still remove the burden of the Yadu dynasty.  Having become exceedingly strong and courageous, the overly proud Yadus would eventually devour the entire world if they were not checked. Due to the brahmanas’ curse, their annihilation has already been set in motion. Later on, while returning to Vaikuntha, I shall come and visit you at your abode.”

     Lord Brahma fell down at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna to offer his obeisances, and then he departed, surrounded by all the demigods. Thereafter, Lord Krishna began to observe many disturbances throughout Dvaraka. He then spoke to the assembled Yadus as follows: “Our dynasty has been cursed by the brahmanas and this cannot be counteracted. As a result, there are great disturbances all around us. Now, if we want to remain secure, we must leave this place at once. I suggest that we go to Prabhasa, which is a very holy place.”

     Many of the Yadus were demigods that had appeared to assist Lord Krishna in His mission. The Lord wanted them to return to their heavenly posts. Because anyone who quits his body at Dvaraka goes to the spiritual world, Krishna arranged for them to die outside of His abode.

     Lord Krishna continued, “Once, due to Daksha’s curse, the moon became afflicted with tuberculosis. Then, simply by bathing at Prabhasa-kshetra, the moon became freed from all sinful reactions and resumed his healthy condition of once again exhibiting phases. By bathing at Prabhasa, by offering sacrifices, and by feeding the brahmanas and giving them charity, we will also be able to cross over all dangers.”

     After hearing Lord Krishna’s speech, the Yadus made up their minds to go to Prabhasa. From the island-city of Dvaraka they came to the mainland by boats. Then, they got onto chariots and proceeded.

Uddhava was already very concerned because of the fearful omens present everywhere, and as the Yadavas were preparing to depart, he heard from them about the Lord’s instructions. Being a constantly faithful follower, he approached Lord Krishna in a secluded place.

After bowing down, Uddhava joined his hands in submission and said, “O my Lord, I can understand that You are going to withdraw Your dynasty and thereafter conclude Your pastimes within this universe.  You are the supreme controller and so You could have easily counteracted the brahmanas’ curse. Because You did not do so, I can understand that Your disappearance is immanent.”

“O Keshava, I cannot tolerate even a moment’s separation from Your lotus feet, so please take me with You.”

     Devotees who regularly hear the pastimes of Lord Krishna and engage in His devotional service gradually lose interest in material affairs. We can just imagine the position of Uddhava, for he was directly associated with Lord Krishna. Clearly, Uddhava was a devotee who had achieved pure love of Godhead.

Shri Uddhava said, “O Supreme Mystic, we are conditioned souls engaged in fruitive work, but simply by constantly hearing, chanting and remembering Your wonderful words and activities, we will certainly cross over the darkness of this material world.”

“My dear Lord, we ecstatically recall Your amorous pastimes with Your confidential devotees in conjugal love, and how You boldly smiled while being so engaged.”