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Summary Description of Lord Krishna’s Pastimes.



Lord Krishna’s queens at Dvaraka always appeared to be in the prime of their youth, not more than sixteen to twenty years old. They were often seen on the roofs of their palaces, playing ball, singing or dancing- and the sight of them was dazzling.

On the palace grounds, there were clear ponds adorned with lotus flowers and flocks of pleasantly singing birds. Sometimes, Lord Krishna would enter these ponds, along with His wives, so that He could enjoy His pastimes of conjugal love. In that festive atmosphere, the Gandharvas would provide musical accompaniment, creating a nice background for the Lord’s jubilant play.

     Krishna’s wives would laugh as they sprayed water on Him with syringe-like instruments, and the Lord would respond by spraying water on them. At this time, the beauty of the queens’ breasts and thighs would increase a thousand-fold, as their long hair loosened and fell down to decorate these parts of their bodies. When Krishna seemingly harassed the queens, they would come close, on the plea of grabbing His syringe. This would give Krishna and His queens an opportunity to embrace one another, and the red kunkum from their breasts would adorn His chest. At this time, the faces of the queens would blossom with beaming smiles, giving them a resplendent beauty. Being engaged in this way, the queens would completely forget themselves, for their absorption in the play was complete.

After coming out of the water, Lord Krishna and His queens would give their valuable wet garments in charity to the musicians, for this was their means of livelihood.

In this way, Lord Krishna would sport with His queens, totally captivating their hearts with His gestures, talks, glances and smiles- as well as His jokes, playful exchanges and embraces.

     Being so absorbed in Krishna, the queens would sometimes speak as if insane. Actually, they were in such an intense state of ecstasy, they saw their own mood reflected in everyone and everything else.

     The queens said, “O kurari bird, why are you lamenting? Somewhere, the Lord is asleep in a hidden place, but you are awake, like us, unable to sleep. Is it that your heart has also been pierced to the core by the lotus-eyed Lord’s munificent yet playful smiling glances?”

     “O respected cloud, like us, are you bound by love to Krishna and thus always meditating upon Him? Being distraught by great eagerness, as our hearts are, are you shedding torrents of tears while remembering Him? Oh! Association with Krishna brings such misery!”

     “O magnanimous mountain, you neither move nor speak. You must be pondering some very grave matter of great importance. Or, like us, do you desire to hold on your breasts the lotus feet of Vasudeva's son?”

     “O rivers, you have dried up, and your wealth of lotus flowers has vanished. Are you, like us, withering away because of not receiving the affectionate glance of our dear husband, the Lord of Madhu, who has cheated our hearts?”

     By speaking and acting with such ecstatic love for Krishna, His loving wives attained the ultimate goal of life.

     Among Lord Krishna’s sons, eighteen were maha-rathas: Pradyumna, Aniruddha (perhaps different from the grandson), Diptiman, Bhanu, Samba, Madhu, Brihadbhanu, Chitrabhanu, Vrika, Aruna, Pushkara, Vedabahu, Shrutadeva, Sunandana, Chitrabahu, Virupa, Kavi and Nyagrodha. Of these, Pradyumna was the foremost, and he was just like his father.

     Pradyumna married Rukmi’s daughter, Rukmavati, and their son was Aniruddha. Aniruddha married Rukmi’s son’s daughter, Rochana, and from her was born Vajra, who was one of the few survivors after the destruction of the Yadu dynasty. Vajra’s son was Pratibahu and his son was Subahu. Subahu’s son was Shantasena and his son was Shatasena.

     It is said that the Yadu family employed 38,800,000 teachers to educate their children. King Ugrasena is said to have had 30,000,000,000,000 personal bodyguards (say the disciples of Shrila Prabhupada) or perhaps 10,000,000,000,000,000 (according to Shrila Prabhupada).

The savage descendents of Diti, that had been killed in past ages in battles between the demigods and demons took birth among the human beings and arrogantly harassed the general populace. To subdue these demons, the Supreme Lord ordered the demigods to descend into the Yadu dynasty, and they did so, comprising 101 clans.

The Vrishnis were so absorbed in Krishna consciousness that they forgot their own bodies while sleeping, sitting, walking, conversing, playing, bathing, and so on.

     To protect the principles of devotional serve to Himself, Lord Krishna accepts the pastime forms that have been glorified here in Shrimad-Bhagavatam. One who desires to faithfully serve Lord Krishna’s lotus feet should hear of the activities He performs in each of these incarnations, for such hearing destroys the reactions to fruitive work.

     By regularly hearing, chanting and meditating on the beautiful topics of Lord Mukunda, with ever-increasing sincerity, a mortal being will attain the divine kingdom of the Lord, where death holds no sway. For this purpose, many persons, including great kings, abandoned their mundane homes and went to the forest.