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Draupadi meets Krishna’s Queens.



     After talking with the gopis, Lord Krishna went to meet Maharaja Yudhisthira and others. At this time, the women took the opportunity of meeting one another and talking about Krishna’s pastimes.

     Shrimati Draupadi said, “O Vaidarbhi, Bhadra and Jambhavati. O Satyabhama, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Kalindi. O Mitravinda, Lakshmana and Rohini, please tell me how the Supreme Lord Achyuta, imitating the ways of this world, came to marry you.”

     Rukmini first of all narrated her story- then Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Satya and Bhadra.

Lakshmana then said, “I had repeatedly heard about Krishna from Narada Muni, so that my heart became attached to Him. My father, Brihatsena, being compassionate toward me and knowing how I felt, arranged to fulfill my desire.”

“Draupadi, just as a fish was used as a target in your svayamvara, to assure that you would get Arjuna as your husband- so a fish was also used in mine, except that it was concealed on all sides by a cloth, so that only the reflection could be seen in a pot of water below.”

     “Hearing of this, thousands of kings came to my svayamvara, and all were honored by my father. Some of the princes could not even string the bow, and so threw it aside in frustration. Some started to bend the bow, only to have it spring back, knocking them to the ground. A few, such as Jarasandha, Sishupala, Bhima, Duryodhana, and Karna could string the bow, but none of them could hit the target.  Arjuna was superior, for his arrow grazed the target.”

     “After all had given up, their pride broken, Krishna picked up the bow and easily strung it. After looking at the reflection in the water, Krishna pierced the fish with His arrow, knocking it to the ground at the auspicious moment called Abhijit.”

“In the heavens, the demigods beat drums and showered flowers, as I walked into the ceremonial arena, carrying a brilliant necklace made of gold and jewels. I lifted my shyly smiling face, and after glancing at all the assembled kings, I placed that necklace on Krishna’s shoulder. As the Lord in His four-armed form placed me on His chariot, the disappointed princes became very agitated, because of their frustrated lusty desires.  Krishna picked up His Sharnga bow and Daruka started for Dvaraka, while some of the kings pursued the Lord, like village dogs chasing a lion. Those who tried to fight with Krishna were quickly overwhelmed by His showers of arrows, and so the rest fled in fear.”

     Rohini was the last to speak, representing the 16,100 queens that Krishna had rescued after killing Bhaumasura. She explained that the wives of Krishna did not desire any material facilities, even up to the position of Lord Brahma. Their only desire was to carry on their heads the dust from Lord Krishna’s lotus feet.