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The killing of Dantavakra, Viduratha and Romaharshana
The liberation of Balvala and Lord Balarama’s touring the sacred places
The brahmana, Sudama, visits Lord Krishna in Dvaraka
The Lord blesses Sudama brahmana
Krishna and Balarama meet the inhabitants of Vrindavana
Draupadi meets the queens of Krishna
The sages’ teachings at Kurukshetra. (Sacrificial ceremonies performed by..
Lord Krishna instructs Vasudeva and retrieves Devaki’s sons
The kidnapping of Subhadra and Lord Krishna’s visiting Shrutadeva and Bahulashva
The prayers of the personified Vedas
Lord Shiva saved from Vrikasura
Krishna and Arjuna retrieve a brahmana’s son. (The superexcellent power..
Summary Description of Lord Krishna's Pastimes