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Lord Krishna slays the demon, Shalva.



     After refreshing himself by washing his hands and mouth, Pradyumna ordered his charioteer to take him to where Dyuman was staying. In Pradyumna’s absence, Shalva’s commander had driven back the Yadu army. But upon entering the battlefield, Pradyumna struck Dyuman with eight arrows, killed his driver and horses, broke his bow and flag, and then with one more arrow, struck off his head.

     The Yadu warriors rallied, and soon after, the soldiers inside Shalva’s airplane began falling into the ocean, their heads severed. The fierce battle raged continuously for twenty-seven days and nights, and meanwhile, in Indraprastha, after the completion of the Rajasuya sacrifice, Lord Krishna began to see inauspicious omens. The Lord thought to Himself, “Because I am residing here at Indraprastha, kings partial to Sishupala may be taking advantage of this to attack Dvaraka.”

     After bidding farewell to the Kuru elders, as well as the great sages, Kuntidevi, and her sons- Lord Krishna departed. Upon His arrival at Dvaraka, the Lord saw how it was being threatened with destruction from the attack of Shalva.

After arranging for Balarama to oversee the city’s defenses, Lord Krishna said to Daruka, “Driver, quickly go to where Shalva is staying. He has many mystical powers, so don’t let him bewilder you.”

     When they saw the flag of Garuda, the Yadus understood that Lord Krishna had entered the battlefield. When Shalva saw Krishna approaching, he hurled his spear, which soared through the air like a meteor, lighting up the sky. Krishna tore the spear to pieces, however, and then struck Shalva with sixteen arrows.

     But, as Krishna proceeded to shower His arrows upon the airship, Shalva suddenly managed to strike a severe blow to the Lord’s left side, causing the Sharnga bow to fall from His hand. This was a remarkable occurrence, and upon seeing it, the demigods stationed in the sky cried out in dismay.

     Shalva thought that he had become victorious, and so he roared loudly and said, “You fool! In my presence, you kidnapped the bride of my friend, Sishupala. Then, later on, You murdered him in a sacred assembly while he was inattentive. Although You think Yourself invincible, I will kill You with my sharp arrows if You dare to stand before me!”

     Lord Krishna replied, “You foolish rascal, your bragging is simply nonsense, for you do not see how death is standing nearby. Those who are actually heroes do not talk so much, but instead exhibit their prowess.”

     After saying this, Krishna angrily struck Shalva so forcefully on the collarbone with His club that he began to tremble and vomit blood. But, in an instant, Shalva disappeared from sight by utilizing his mystic power, before the Lord could strike him again. Then, just a few moments later, a mysterious man approached Krishna.

     While sobbing loudly, the man bowed down before the Lord. Pretending to be a messenger from Dvaraka, the man then said, “O Krishna, You are so affectionate toward Your parents. Shalva has kidnapped Your father, Vasudeva, and has taken him away, just as a butcher leads an animal to slaughter.”

After hearing this disturbing news, Krishna appeared to become very grief-stricken, just like an ordinary man. The Lord cried piteously and wondered, “How could the insignificant Shalva have abducted My father after defeating Balarama, who is unconquerable even by the demigods and demons? Indeed, fate is all-powerful!”

     Shalva then suddenly appeared once again before Krishna, along with a man that exactly resembled Vasudeva. Shalva said, “Here is Your dear father, for whose sake You are living in this world. I shall now kill him before your very eyes! Save him if You can, weakling!”

     After saying this, Shalva, who was a great master of mystic power, appeared to cut off Vasudeva’s head with his sword. Then, taking the severed head with him, Shalva boarded his airplane, which was hovering in the sky.

     Because He was playing the part of a human being, Krishna remained bewildered for a short while, due to great affection for His father. Soon, however, the Lord understood that what had taken place was simply a trick that Shalva performed by the mystic power he had learned from Maya Danava. Apparently coming to His right consciousness, Krishna saw that there was no messenger before Him, nor a dead body of Vasudeva- but only His enemy, Shalva, flying overhead in his airplane. It was as if He had awakened from a dream.

     Thinking that Krishna was bewildered, Shalva became enlivened and so he showered his arrows upon the Lord with renewed enthusiasm. Krishna countered with His own arrows and wounded Shalva- while breaking his armor, bow and helmet to pieces. Then, with a crashing blow from Krishna’s club, Shalva’s wonderful airplane burst into pieces and fell into the sea.

Shalva was able to abandon the falling airplane, however, and then he rushed at Krishna, wielding a club. The Lord quickly cut off the arm that held the club, and having made up His mind to kill his enemy, He invoked His Sudarshana chakra, which was brilliant like the sun at the time of annihilation. Lord Krishna then cut off Shalva’s head, causing his followers to cry out with grief, while the demigods showered flowers and beat their drums to celebrate the great victory.