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 Lord Krishna teases Queen Rukmini.

(Talks between Krishna and Rukmini).



     Once, as Krishna was sitting on Rukmini’s bed, He was being fanned by one of her maidservants. Then, being eager to serve Krishna, Rukmini took the chamara (yak-tail fan) from her maidservant and personally began to fan Him.

     Queen Rukmini’s quarters were exquisitely beautiful. A canopy hung over the bed with brilliant strings of pearls, and jewels served as lamps. Garlands of flowers were placed here and there, and the moonlight shone through the lattice windows. The breeze was scented by the parijata plants in the garden, and in that atmosphere, Rukmini served her husband as He reclined on her bed, which was soft and as white as the foam of milk.

     Although Rukmini had grown-up sons, she was beautiful beyond compare, being the goddess of fortune herself. As Krishna contemplated Rukmini’s charming face, that was adorned with curly hair and a bright, cheerful smile, He felt pleased. The Lord assumes various forms to enact His pastimes, and He was gratified to see how the form that the goddess of fortune had assumed was just suitable for her to serve as His consort.

     When Narada had presented a parijata flower to Rukmini, Satyabhama had become envious. So, when Satyabhama received an entire parijata tree, Krishna expected Rukmini to ask for something more. But, Rukmini never even mentioned the incident, for she was very grave and satisfied with her service.

     Krishna then thought of another plan to try and see Rukmini’s face in an agitated condition. Although He had so many wives, Krishna liked to create a situation whereby His wife would criticize Him in the irritation of love, so that He could enjoy these pastimes.

     Krishna thus spoke to Rukmini as follows: “My dear princess, you were sought after by many powerful kings who were very wealthy, influential, handsome and generous. When these suitors stood before you, maddened with lust, why did you reject them and choose Me, who is not at all their equal? Indeed, after killing My maternal uncle, I have taken shelter in the ocean out of fear of all these kings, practically abandoning My royal position.”

     “Women often have to suffer when they stay with men whose behavior is uncertain and who pursue paths that are not approved by society. I have practically no material possessions and I am worshiped by similarly impoverished persons. Those who are wealthy rarely worship Me. Marriage and friendship are proper between two people who are equal in terms of birth, wealth, physical appearance and influence, but never between a superior and an inferior.”

“O Vaidarbhi, not being far-sighted, you did not realize this, and so made a great mistake by choosing Me as your husband.  After all, I was born as a village boy and thus I grew up without a very good idea of behavior. Indeed, I am glorified only by deluded beggars.”

     “Now, you should accept a more suitable husband, a first-class kshatriya who can help you achieve all that is desirable- in this life and the next. I only carried you away out of hatred for My rivals like Sishupala, Shalva, Jarasandha and Dantavakra- for My purpose is to curb the strength of the wicked. The truth is- I care nothing for wives, children and wealth, for I am satisfied within Myself, and am interested in self-realization, like My devotees.”

     Rukmini thought that Krishna especially loved her because He never left her company. By speaking so many things that were difficult for Rukmini to hear, the Lord mercifully cut down her pride.

     Rukmini became perplexed and frightened at the thought of possible separation from Krishna, and so her heart began to palpitate and she started crying. As she scratched the ground with her toenails, tears darkened by her eye-makeup washed the kunkum from her breasts, and her voice choke up because of extreme sorrow. Knowing Krishna to be the Supreme Lord, Rukmini concluded that He could leave her, if He so desired.

     As her head hung down, Rukmini’s brain and memory became puzzled, and then the chamara fell from her hand to the floor as she began to lose consciousness. Suddenly fainting, Rukmini fell straight onto the floor like a banana tree blown over by a strong wind, her hair scattered here and there. 

     Krishna could understand that, as a simple woman, Rukmini took His words seriously and not at all jokingly. Upon seeing her condition, the Lord’s heart softened and He became very merciful toward her. Appearing as four-armed Narayana, the Lord got down from the bed, and while picking Rukmini up, He smoothed her scattered hair and caressed her face with His cool hand. After wiping the tears from her breasts and eyes, Krishna embraced Rukmini, understanding the seriousness of her love.

     Being expert in the art of pacification, Shri Krishna tenderly consoled Rukmini by saying, “O Vaidarbhi, do not be displeased with Me. I know that you are fully devoted to Me. I only spoke to you in jest, just to hear what you would say. I wanted to see your face contorted and your lips trembling with affectionate anger. I wanted to see the corner of your eyes throwing sharp glances and your beautiful eyebrows knit in a frown. I am sorry, because I did not know that you would take My words so seriously. After all, the greatest pleasure for married men is to pass the time joking with their beloved wives.”

     After hearing this, Rukmini became pacified and freed from the fear that Krishna would reject her.

     Smiling bashfully, she cheerfully cast her affectionate glances upon the Lord’s face while saying, “O lotus-eyed one, what you said in jest is actually true. I am indeed an unsuitable match for the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

     “Your claim that You are without material possessions is also true. Because there is nothing outside of Yourself, there is nothing for You to possess. Your devotees abandon everything else, just to attain You, and for this reason, they are worthy of Your association, and not those who are materially attached.”

     “With the twang of Your Sharnga bow, You drove off the assembled kings and carried me off as Your rightful claim. It is not correct to say that You fled and took shelter in the ocean out of fear of those kings.”

“A woman who fails to understand the glories of Your lotus feet becomes completely fooled. Thus, she accepts as her husband a bag of skin that is decorated with moustache, beard and other hair; and filled with muscles, bones, blood, polluted air, stool, urine, mucus, bile and parasites.”

     “It is true that because You are self-satisfied, You rarely turn Your attention toward me. Still, I pray that You bless me with unwavering devotion for Your lotus feet.”

     Lord Krishna replied, “O princess, I deceived you just so that I could hear you talk like this. I have now experienced the pure love and chaste attachment that you have for Me. Even though you became disturbed by My words, you did not deviate from Me in the slightest.”

     “In all My palaces I can find no other wife as loving as you. When you sent a messenger to Me and there was some delay in My arrival, you began to see the whole world as void. Indeed, you were ready to give up your body, which could never have been given to anyone but Me. May this greatness of yours remain with you always- I can do nothing to reciprocate, except thank you for your devotion.”

     In this way, the Supreme Lord enjoyed with the goddess of fortune, engaging in lovers’ talks and thus enjoying conjugal love in complete perfection. In the palaces of His other wives, Lord Krishna behaved in a similar fashion.