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 Lord Balarama visits Vrindavana.



     Being very eager to see Nanda and Yashoda, and the other residents of Vrindavana, and just to console them after such a long absence, Lord Balarama mounted His chariot and set out. Having suffered the anxiety of separation, the cowherd boys and girls, who had now grown up, embraced Balarama with great joy.

     Balarama then went to offer His respects to Nanda and Yashoda. They embraced Balarama in turn, and, taking Him upon their laps, they began their perpetual crying.

     Thereafter, all of the residents of Vrindavana came and met Balarama, dealing with Him according to their relationships. Balarama sat down comfortably, while everyone gathered around Him, and they inquired about one another’s welfare.

     The cowherd men asked, “O Rama, are our relatives doing well? Do they still remember us from time to time?

     When the gopis arrived, Balarama glanced over them lovingly, as they very excitedly said, “Is Krishna living happily, in the company of the women of Mathura? Does He ever remember his family members, His mother and father, and does He ever think of us? Do You think that Krishna will ever come back to Vrindavana, to see His parents?”

     “For Krishna’s sake, we abandoned our families, and then, suddenly, He abandoned us. Every day we collect flowers and make them into garlands for Krishna. Then, when He does not come here to accept them, we simply pass the time crying. We are simple village girls, and so Krishna cheated us by saying that He could never repay our service. But, how can the intelligent women of the city trust one whose heart is so unsteady and ungrateful? They just believe Him because of His sweet talks and because His beautiful smiling glances arouse their lust.”

     “Dear gopis, let us talk of something else. Because Krishna can so easily live without us, let us also pass our time without thinking about Him.”

     While speaking in this way, the gopis’ feelings of love intensified. While remembering Krishna’s laughing, His conversations with them, His mannerisms, and His loving embraces, they felt as if He were personally present before them, and so they began to cry without consideration.

     Balarama understood very well the gopis’ ecstatic feelings, and so He wanted to pacify them. Being expert in the art of conciliation, He relayed to the gopis the confidential messages that Lord Krishna had sent with Him. These messages touched the gopis’ hearts very deeply, giving them great satisfaction.

     Balarama remained in Vrindavana for two months, Chaitra and Vaishakha, and every night He engaged in the rasa-dance with the gopis, to satisfy their desire for conjugal love. (The acharyas explain that these gopis were different from the ones who danced with Krishna. They were too young when Krishna was present in Vrindavana. Thus, there are particular gopis who act as Balarama’s girlfriends.)

     In the company of numerous women, Balarama enjoyed in a garden by the River Yamuna, and the spring breezes carried the fragrance of night-blooming lotuses. Varuna sent his daughter, Varuni, in the form of liquor made from honey that flowed from the hollows of trees, causing the forest to become even more fragrant with its sweet aroma. Following that aroma, Balarama and the gopis would approach a tree and drink the divine beverage.

     As the gopis sang His glories, Balarama would feel very happy, as if intoxicated, and His eyes would roll blissfully. In this mood, Balarama desired to enjoy the company of the gopis in the water of the Yamuna. When He summoned the Yamuna to come nearby, she disregarded His command, considering Him to be intoxicated. This made Balarama very angry. After picking up His plow, He dug it into the ground so that he could drag the river to Him by force.

     Balarama then said, “O sinful one, because of disrespecting Me, I shall punish you with the tip of My plow, by dividing you into a hundred streams.”

    Being thus scolded, the frightened Yamuna came and fell down at Shri Balarama’s lotus feet. While trembling, she said, “O Rama, O mighty-armed one! Please forgive me, for I did not understand Your position as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Now, I am surrendering unto You, because You are always kind to Your devotees.”

     Balarama released the Yamuna from His clutches, and after she came nearby, He entered her waters along with His female companions. The Lord played in the water to His full satisfaction, and when He came out, the goddess of fortune gave Him blue garments and a golden necklace. After dressing Himself, Balarama appeared very resplendent.

     In this way, the two months passed like a single night, and the residents of Vrindavana became as cheerful as they had been in the presence of the two brothers, Krishna and Balarama.