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The prayers of Akrura.



     Shri Akrura said, “I bow down to You, O Supreme Person. From the whorl of the lotus flower born from Your navel, Brahma appeared, and by his mercy this universe came into being. No one within this world can know You, who are beyond the modes of nature- not even Lord Brahma- for everyone is manifested within the realm of dull matter.”

     “The many varieties of practitioners worship You in a myriad of manners, with varying degrees of success, and because everything originates in You, they are all ultimately approaching You alone. Those who worship You as Yagyeshvara can attain You, however, whereas those who perform sacrifices to worship the demigods independently, cannot.”

     “O Supreme Lord, the living entities in this world are bewildered by Your illusory energy. Being absorbed in the concepts of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, they are forced to wander along the path of fruitive work. I too am deluded in this way, foolishly thinking my body, children, home, wife, money and friends to be real, although they are factually like the creations of a dream.”

     “By mistaking the temporary for the eternal, my body for my self, and sources of misery for sources of happiness- I have tried to find pleasure in the realm of material duality. My eyes being covered by ignorance, I could not recognize You as the real object of my love.”

     “My intelligence is so crippled that I cannot find the strength to curb my mind, which is disturbed by material desires and constantly dragged here and there by my obstinate senses. Being fallen, I am approaching You for shelter, O Lord, because even though the impure cannot attain Your lotus feet, I think that it is nonetheless possible, by Your mercy. O master, please protect me, who am surrendered unto You.”