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 The reunion.



     After speaking their hearts out in various charming ways, the gopis began to loudly weep, being very eager to see Lord Krishna. Then, suddenly, with a smile on His face, Krishna appeared before the gopis, looking like someone who could bewilder Cupid, who himself bewilders the minds of all ordinary people.

     The gopis stood up at once and out of affection, their eyes bloomed wide. Indeed, it was just as if the air of life had re-entered their bodies. One gopi joyfully took Krishna’s hand between her joined palms while another gopi placed His arm on her shoulder. One gopi respectfully accepted in her hands the betel nut Krishna had chewed- while another gopi, burning with desire, placed His lotus feet on her breasts.

One gopi, who was beside herself with loving anger, bit her lip and stared at Krishna with frowning eyebrows, as if to wound Him with her harsh glance. Another gopi stared with unblinking eyes at Krishna’s lotus face, without ever feeling satiation, just as great rishis are never satiated while meditating upon the Lord’s lotus feet. Another gopi took Krishna through her eyes and placed Him within her heart, where she continuously embraced Him.

     Vaishnava-toshani states that these seven gopis mentioned here are seven of the principal eight gopis. Their names are Chandravali, Shyamala, Shaibya, Padma, Shri Radhika, Lalita and Vishakha. The eighth is Bhadra. Of these, Shrimati Radharani is the foremost, as stated in the Padma Purana and Brhad-gautamiya-tantra.

     Encircled by the gopis, who were now relieved of all distress, Krishna shone brilliantly. He took the gopis to the shore of the Kalindi, who with the hands of her waves had scattered soft sand on the shore. The breeze bore the fragrance of kunda and mandara flowers, and the moonlight dispelled the darkness.

     The gopis felt that their desires were being completely fulfilled. They arranged a seat for Krishna by leveling the sand and covering it with their shawls, which were smeared with kunkum from their breasts. Lord Krishna took His seat and the gopis worshiped Him. Although Krishna was sitting by the side of each gopi, He was unseen by the others.

Krishna had awakened romantic desires within the gopis, and they honored Him by glancing at Him with playful smiles, gesturing amorously with their eyebrows, and massaging His hands and feet as they held them upon their laps.

     Even while thus worshiping Krishna, however, they felt somewhat angry. Thus spoke to Him as follows: “Some people will reciprocate with affection only with those who are affectionate toward them. Others show affection even to those who are indifferent or inimical, and still others do not show affection toward anyone. Dear Krishna, please explain this to us.”

     The Supreme Personality of Godhead said, “So-called friends, who show affection for each other just to benefit themselves, are actually selfish and are like merchants. They have no true friendship, nor are they following the actual principles of religion. Indeed, if they did not expect benefit for themselves, they would not reciprocate.”

     “Some people are genuinely merciful or, like parents, naturally affectionate. Such persons that devotedly serve even those who fail to reciprocate with them are the true followers of religion, and they are true well-wishers.”

     “There are some people who are spiritually self-satisfied, materially fulfilled, or by nature ungrateful or simply envious of superiors. Such persons will not love even those who love them, and so what to speak of those who are indifferent or inimical.”

     “O gopis, the reason I do not always immediately reciprocate the affection of those persons who worship Me, is that I want to intensify their loving devotion. If the devotees could approach Me too easily, they would certainly take Me for granted. If I apparently neglect a devotee for some time, he becomes like a poor man who had gained some wealth and then lost it. Such a person becomes so anxious that he can think of nothing else.”

     “My dear girls, I had understood that simply for My sake you had neglected worldly opinion, the Vedas and your relatives. I had acted as I did just to increase your attachment for Me. Even when I removed Myself from your sight by suddenly disappearing, I never stopped loving you, nor was I actually separated from You. Therefore, please do not harbor any ill feelings toward Me, your beloved.”

     “I will not be able to repay My debt for your spotless service, even with a lifetime of Brahma. Your connection with Me is beyond reproach. You have worshipped Me, cutting off all domestic ties, which are difficult to break. Therefore, please let your own glorious deeds by your compensation.”