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Lord Indra and Mother Surabhi offer prayers.



     Thereafter, Indra came along with Surabhi, the mother of the cows, and approached Krishna in a secluded place at the base of Govardhana Hill. Indra was very ashamed of having offended Krishna, and so the Lord gave him the chance to beg forgiveness in private. Indra fell flat onto the ground, placing his helmet, the effulgence of which was as brilliant as the sun, upon the Lord’s lotus feet.

Then, with palms joined in supplication, Indra addressed Krishna as follows: “My Lord, Your transcendental form is a manifestation of pure goodness, and is unchanging and devoid of the influence of the three modes of material nature. You are free of all material qualities- such as greed, lust, anger and envy. And yet, as the Supreme Lord, You impose punishment to protect religious principles and curb the wicked. It is Your right, as the original father of all living beings, to act decisively to remove the false pride of those who wrongly presume their own selves to be the masters of this world.”

     “O Lord, because I was engrossed in pride due to my royal opulence, and ignorant of Your majesty, I offended You. Now, may You please forgive me? My intelligence was bewildered, but let my consciousness never again be so impure.”

     “My dear Lord, when my sacrifice was disrupted I became furious because of my false pride. Thus, I tried to destroy Your cowherd community with severe rain and wind.”

“O Lord, You have shown mercy to me by shattering my false pride and defeating my attempt to punish the people of Vrindavana. To You, O Supreme Lord, I have now come for shelter.”

     Lord Krishna smiled, and then replied in a voice that was resonant like the clouds, “My dear Indra, it was out of mercy that I stopped the sacrifice meant for you. You were intoxicated with pride, and so I wanted to remind you of My actual position. A man blinded by intoxication caused by his power and opulence cannot see Me nearby with the rod of chastisement in My hand. If I desire his real welfare, I drag such a person down form his materially opulent position.”

“Indra, you may now return to you appointed position as King of heaven. Be sober, without pride, and do not forget My instructions.”

     Mother Surabhi then offered her obeisances to Lord Krishna and said, “O Krishna, greatest of mystics! You are the origin of the universe and its master. You are our worshipable Deity, and You descend for the welfare of the brahmanas, the cows, and saintly persons. As ordered by Lord Brahma, we shall now perform Your bathing ceremony to crown You as our Indra.”

     Mother Surabhi then performed the bathing ceremony with her own milk, while Indra, as ordered by Aditi and other mothers of the demigods, poured Ganga water on the Lord from the trunk of his elephant-carrier, Airavata. Tumburu, Narada and other Gandharvas came there to sing the glories of the Lord, while the wives of the demigods danced together in great happiness. The most eminent demigods chanted praises of the Lord, while scattering flowers all around Him

Indeed, everyone in the universe felt supreme satisfaction, and the cows moistened the surface of the earth with their milk. Rivers flowed with various nice tastes, trees exuded honey, edible plants grew without cultivation, and the hills gave forth jewels that were formerly hidden in their interiors. During the bathing ceremony of Lord Krishna, all living creatures, even those who are cruel by nature became entirely free from enmity.

     At the conclusion of the bathing ceremony, King Indra took the Lord’s permission and returned to his heavenly abode, surrounded by all the celestial beings that had come there.