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Shrimad Bhagavatam

Condensed Version


Canto 10.

The advent of Lord Krishna. 


Prayers by the demigods for Lord Krishna in the womb. 


Birth of Lord Krishna. 


The atrocities of King Kansa. 


The meeting of Nanda Maharaja and Vasudeva. 


The killing of the demon, Putana. 


The killing of the demon, Trinavarta. 


Lord Krishna shows the Universal Form within His mouth. 


Mother Yashoda binds Lord Krishna. 


Deliverance of the Yamala-arjuna trees. 


The childhood pastimes of Lord Krishna. 


The killing of the demon, Aghasura. 


The stealing of the boys and calves by Brahma. 


Brahma's prayers to Lord Krishna. 


The killing of Dhenuka, the ass demon.  


Krishna chastises the serpent, Kaliya. 


The history of Kaliya. 


Lord Balarama slays the demon, Pralamba. 


Swallowing the forest fire. 


The rainy season and autumn in Vrindavana. 


The gopis glorify the song of Krishna's flute. 


Krishna steals the garments of the unmarried gopis. 


The brahmanas' wives blessed.  


Worshiping Govardhana Hill. 


Lord Krishna lifts Govardhana Hill. 


Wonderful Krishna. 


Lord Indra and Mother Surabhi offer prayers. 


Krishna rescues Nanda Maharaja from the abode of Varuna. 


Krishna and the gopis meet for the rasa dance. 


The gopis search for Krishna. 


The gopis' songs of separation. 


The reunion. 


The rasa dance. 


Nanda Maharaja saved and Shankhachuda slain. 


The gopis sing of Krishna as He wanders in the forest. 


The slaying of Arishta, the bull demon. 


The killing of the demons, Keshi and Vyoma. 


Akrura's arrival in Vrindavana. 


Akrura's vision. 


The prayers of Akrura. 


Krishna and Balarama enter Mathura. 


The breaking of the sacrificial bow. 


Krishna kills the elephant, Kuvalayapida. 


The killing of Kansa. 


Krishna rescues His teacher's son. 


Uddhava visits Vrindavana. 


The song of the bee.

 (Delivery of Krishna's message to the gopis.) 


Krishna pleases His devotees. 


Akrura's mission in Hastinapura.

(Ill-motivated Dhritarashtra.) 


Krishna establishes the city of Dvaraka. 


The deliverance of Muchakunda. 


Rukmini's marriage to Lord Krishna.

 (Krishna, the Ranchor.) 


Krishna kidnaps Rukmini. 


The marriage of Krishna and Rukmini. 


The history of Pradyumna. 


The Shyamantaka jewel. 


Satrajit murdered, the jewel returned.

(The killing of Satrajit and Shatadhanva.) 


Krishna marries five princesses. 


The killing of the demon, Naraka (Bhaumasura). 


Talks between Krishna and Rukmini. 


Lord Balarama slays Rukmi.

(The geneological table of the family of Krishna.) 


The meeting of Usha and Aniruddha. 


Lord Krishna fights with Banasura. 


The deliverance of King Nriga. 


Lord Balarama visits Vrindavana. 


Deliverance of Paundraka and the King of Kashi. 


Lord Balarama slays Dvivida Gorilla. 


The marriage of Samba. 


Narada Muni visits Lord Krishna's palaces in Dvaraka. 


Lord Krishna's daily activities. 


The Lord travels to Indraprastha. 


Liberation of King Jarasandha. 


Lord Krishna returns to the city of Hastinapura. 


The deliverance of Sishupala at the Rajasuya sacrifice. 


Why Duryodhana felt insulted at the

end of the Rajasuya sacrifice. 


The battle between Shalva and the Vrishnis.


Lord Krishna slays the demon, Shalva. 


The killing of Dantavakra, Viduratha and Romaharshana. 


The liberation of Balvala and Lord Balarama's

touring the sacred places. 


The brahmana, Sudama, visits Lord Krishna in Dvaraka. 


The Lord blesses Sudama brahmana. 


Krishna and Balarama meet the inhabitants of Vrindavana. 


Draupadi meets the queens of Krishna. 


The sages' teachings at Kurukshetra.

(Sacrificial ceremonies performed by Vasudeva.) 


Lord Krishna instructs Vasudeva and retrieves Devaki's sons. 


The kidnapping of Subhadra and Lord Krishna's

visiting Shrutadeva and Bahulashva. 


The prayers of the personified Vedas. 


Lord Shiva saved from Vrikasura. 


Krishna and Arjuna retrieve a brahmana's son.

(The superexcellent power of Krishna.) 


Summary description of Lord Krishna's pastimes.