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Chapter Two
Parikshit and Krishna's Wives,
While Chanting the Glories
Of the Lord, Met Uddhava

The sages said: O Suta Gosvami, please tell us what Maharaja Parikshit and King Vajranabha did after the best of the munis, Shandilya, returned to his ashrama.


Shrila Suta Gosvami said: Maharaja Parikshit brought thousands of prominent brahmanas and kshatriyas from Indraprastha and repopulated Mathura.


Maharaja Parikshit gave respect to the brahmanas and monkeys who were already residing there because he understood they are dear to the Lord. With the help of Maharaja Parikshit and by the mercy of Shandilya Rishi, Vajranabha gradually searched out the sites where Krishna had enjoyed pastimes with His beloved cowherd boyfriends and girlfriends. After properly ascertaining the pastime site, he named the site according to the pastime that was performed there. He thus established and named various towns, kundas, wells, kunjas, and gardens, and he established many Shiva temples. He established Deities of the Lord such as Govindadeva and Harideva, and his entire kingdom became blissful because devotion to Lord Krishna was preached everywhere. The citizens always engaged in glorifying Lord Krishna and thus merged in an ocean of bliss, they praised the rule of King Vajranabha.


One day, Lord Krishna's sixteen thousand queens, who were suffering due to separation, inquired without envy from their fellow wife, Kalindi, who they saw was happy.


Krishna's Queens said: O beautiful Kalindi! Just as we are all Krishna's wives, so are you. We are all continually burning in the fire of separation and our hearts are distressed with unhappiness due to His absence. But you are not in this condition, you are happy. Why is this? Please tell us the reason.


After understanding the pain of separation felt by her co-wives, Kalindi, with great compassion, smiled and spoke as follows:


Kalindi said: Shri Radhika is the soul of Krishna, who is known as atmarama. I am always engaged in Her service. Due to the influence of this service, the pain of separation could not touch me. All of Krishna's consorts are expansions of Shri Radhika. And because Krishna is always engaged in enjoying with Shri Radhika, all of Krishna's other consorts are automatically being enjoyed by Him. Krishna is nondifferent from Shri Radhika, and Shri Radhika is nondifferent from Krishna. Their love is manifest in the form of Krishna's flute. Shri Candravali Sakhi is a manifestation of the moonlike nails of Shri Krishnacandra. Due to an excessive greed to serve Radha-Krishna, Candravali has not accepted any other form. But I have seen Shri Rukmini and other sakhis situated in Shri Radhika. And you also have never been separated from Krishna, but you are overwhelmed because this mystery is unknown to you. Previously, when Akrura came to Vrindavana, the gopis experienced similar feelings of separation, although actually that was not separation, it was simply a reflection of separation. But when Uddhava came and consoled them, their pain of separation was destroyed. Now if you are able to get the association of Uddhava, then you will also achieve the happiness of eternal pastimes with your beloved Shri Krishna.


Shrila Suta Gosvami said: O sages! When Krishna's queens were instructed in this way, they again addressed the ever-blissful Kalindi. At that time they all hankered for some way to meet Uddhava, so that they could all achieve the great fortune of eternal association with their beloved.


Krishna's Queens said: O Sakhi, your life is glorious, because you have never experienced the distress of separation from the Lord of your life. We would also like to become Radha's maidservants, just like you. But, O Kalindi, you have told us that all our desires would be fulfilled by meeting Uddhava, so please tell us how we can meet him.


Shrila Suta Gosvami said: After hearing the words of her co-wives, Kalindi remembered Krishna, who possesses sixty-four qualities in full. Just before Lord Krishna returned to His supreme abode, He told His minister Uddhava that Badarikashrama is a suitable place to engage in spiritual activities. Following that instruction, Uddhava stays there and instructs those who visit him in the same knowledge that was taught to him by the Lord. The Lord taught Uddhava about the mysteries of Vraja, where the fruits of spiritual practice are obtained. But since the personification of the fruits of spiritual practice, Lord Krishna, has apparently left this place, Uddhava is also no longer seen here. Being desirous to associate with the dust of Vraja, however, Uddhava is certainly residing near Govardhana at Sakhisthali in the form of a creeper. Uddhava is the personification of Lord Krishna's festivals. Therefore go to Kusuma-sarovara with Vajranabha and organize a festival there. Assemble the Lord's devotees and start a big festival by chanting the Lord's holy names and pastimes accompanied by vinas, flutes, and mridangas.


In this way when the festival expands, Uddhava will certainly appear there. And by his mercy all your desires will be fulfilled.


Shrila Suta Gosvami said: After hearing Kalindi speak these words Lord Krishna's queens were greatly pleased. After they offered their respects to Kalindi they went and told Vajranabha and Parikshit everything that they had heard.


After hearing their narration, Maharaja Parikshit was greatly pleased and accompanied them to Kusuma-sarovara and began organizing a festival there. They began a festival of nama sankirtana at Sakhisthali, a short distance from Govardhana. As they glorified Lord Krishna at that place where He always enjoys pastimes with His beloved, the daughter of Vrishabhanu, the place was transformed into an extraordinary scene. They became fully absorbed in glorifying Lord Krishna.


At that time, from amidst the grass, vines, and creepers Shri Uddhava appeared before everyone. His complexion was bluish, and he wore yellow garments. He was decorated with a garland of forest flowers and gunja, and he repeatedly glorified Krishna, the lover of the gopis. Then the beauty of the sankirtana festival increased many times over just as when the moonshine falls on a crystal house. Similarly everyone was merged in an ocean of bliss by his appearance there, and they forgot what they were doing. When they regained their external consciousness, they saw Uddhava, who resembles Lord Krishna, and by worshiping him, they fulfilled all their desires.