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References and Notes from Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Shri Bhajana-rahasya

Other scriptural citations substantiating this shloka follow:

From Shrimad-Bhagavatam [10.31.11, 15]:

calasi yad vrajac carayan pashun
nalina-sundaram natha te padam
shila-trinankuraih sidatiti nah
kalilatam manah kanta gacchati
atati yad bhavan ahni kananam
truti yugayate tvam apashyatam
kutila-kuntalam shri-mukham ca te
jada udikshatam pakshma-krid drisham

“Dear Master, dear Lover, when You leave the village to herd the cows, our minds are disturbed with the thought that Your feet, which are softer and more beautiful than a lotus, will be pricked by the spiked husks of grain and the rough grass and plants.


“When You go to the forest during the day, the merest fraction of a second seems like a millennium to us, because we carinot see You. And even when we are able to look eagerly upon Your beautiful face, so lovely with its ornament of curly hair, our pleasure is hindered by our eyelids, which were fashioned by the foolish Creator.”

From Krishna-Karnamrita [12]:

kim api vahatu cetah krishna padambujabhyam

“May the lotus-like feet of the Supreme Lord, Shri Krishna, the only gallant hero who enjoys eternal pastimes with all the Laksmi-devis (gopis); whose blooming beauty withers away the exquisite beauty of lotuses; and who is expert at fully convincing His devotees of His divine protection, be indelibly enthroned upon my heart and thus bestow upon me inexpressible happiness.”