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References and Notes from Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Shri Bhajana-rahasya

Other scriptural statements supporting this shloka:

From Krishna Karnamrita [41]:

amuny adhanyani dinantarani
hare tvad-alokanam antarena
anatha-bandho karunaika-sindho
ha hanta ha hanta katham nayami

“O Supreme Shelter of the destitute, Hari, You are an ocean of mercy. Alas, O alas! Without seeing Your lovely, face, how shall I live through these wretched days and nights?”

Shri Madhavendra Puri's words as recorded in Padyavali [400]:

ayi dina-dayardra natha he
mathura-natha kadavalokyase
hridayam tvad-aloka-kataram
dayita bhramyati kim karomy aham

“O compassionate Lord of the helpless, O Lord of Mathura! When will I be able to see You? Your absence has made my stricken heart extremely anxious. O my beloved! What am I to do now?”

From Ujjva1a-nilamani [64]:

cintatra jatarodvegau tanavam malinangata
pralapo vyadhir unmado mohomrityurdasha dasha

“Shrimati Radharani is completely smitten, and She is experiencing a limitless ocean of suffering as the ten conditions of separation wash over Her. She experiences pondering, sleeplessness, perturbations, and grows emaciated and pallid. While speaking incoherently, She is stricken, becomes mad and deluded, and swoons almost to death.”