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Purport by Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati

O Lord Krishna, O enjoyer of the gopis, when will this gopi's eyes be decorated with cascading tears at the recitation of Your name; when will My voice choke up with love, and my body shudder and erupt with goosebumps?" This is a perfect example of a prayer of love for the Lord. In this context, a shloka from Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu [1.2.156] may be cited:


O Lord Pundarikaksa, while chanting Your holy name with tears in my eyes, when shall I dance in ecstasy on the bank of the Yamuna?

In chanting the subsidiary or secondary names of Krishna (gauna-nama), there is no question of developing prema.

Therefore Lord Chaitanya quotes Shrila Vyasadeva [as recorded in Padydvali 39]:


The subject of the Upanisads is far removed from the nectarean topics of Lord Hari, Shri Krishna's pastimes. Therefore they are unable to touch the heart and move the reader to ecstatic tears and goosebumps.

Brahman, the subject of the Upanisads, is only remotely connected with the sweet narrations of Lord Krishna's pastimes. Stories about Krishna always inundates the heart, in ecstacy resulting in trembling, weeping, bodily transformations, and so on. This sloka does not refer to those who have naturally moist eyes, or who suffer from affectations of artificial ecstasy. When the soul becomes cleansed and is spontaneously attracted to Krishna's loving service, his body and mind become obsequiously obedient to the eternal ecstasies that constantly ply within the heart. Therefore, the melting of the heart and the other ecstatic symptoms that command the mind and body are manifest only in those unalloyed devotees who are absolutely absolved of all anarthas. Neophyte souls who artificially try to imitate the ecstatic emotions and symptoms of the maha-bhagavat simply to deceive the general populace are in fact creating gigantic obstacles on their path to pure devotional service.