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Shri Sanmodana Bhashyam

Is it proper for a sadhaka who has taken shelter of the holy name to discuss the miseries of material life he has to experience? To dissipate this doubt, Lord Chaitanya has composed this shloka, the essence of which is as follows: “O Lord Krishna, O son of Nanda Maharaja, I am Your eternal servant, but as a result of my previous activities I have now fallen into this terrible ocean of material existence. Lust, greed, anger, envy, etc., are my adversaries, waiting in the waters like big fish to swallow me up. The boisterous waves of wasted hopes and anxieties are tossing me here and there, making my life miserable. Lashing gales of bad association add further suffering. In this condition, therefore, I see You alone as my succor. Occasionally a small bunch of weeds can be seen floating-these are the weeds of karma, jnana, yoga, austerity, etc. But has anyone ever crossed the mighty ocean of nescience with the help of such paltry flotsam? In trying to swim across this ocean, some have reached out to grab these weeds for support, but unfortunately everything, including the person himself, sinks like dead weights. Factually, I can see that there is no other hope for shelter except Your unlimited mercy.

Crossing the ocean of material existence

“The sturdy boat of Your holy name is the only means of crossing over this dangerous ocean of material existence. Considering all these facts with a level head, I begged for the invincible boat of Your holy name from my guru, which he gave me by his causeless mercy. O Lord, You are the renowned protector of Your devotees, who are souls surrendered to Your lotus feet. Therefore please accept this homeless destitute, cleanse me of all my faults, and consider me as a particle of dust at Your lotus feet.”


The message of this shloka is that those who are on the path of bhakti should completely discard desires for sense enjoyment and liberation. In Chaitanya-caritamrita [Antya-lila 20.31, 33-34] it is said:


“In great humility, considering Himself a conditioned soul of the material world, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu again expressed His desire to be blessed with service to the Lord. 'I am Your eternal servant, but I forgot Your Lordship. Now I have fallen in the ocean of nescience and have been conditioned by the external energy. Be causelessly merciful to Me by giving Me a place with the particles of dust at Your lotus feet so that I may engage in the service of Your Lordship as Your eternal servant."'