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References and Notes from Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Shri Bhajana-rahasya

The following relevant verses from different scriptures substantiate Lord Chaitanya's statements:

Nija-sarva-çaktih-tatra arpita

shshshshFrom the Skanda Purana:

dana-vrata-tapas-tirtha-yatradinam ca yah sthitah
çaktayo devamahatam sarva-papa-harah çubhah
rajasuyaçvamedhanam jnanasyadhyatma-vastunah
akrishya harina sarvah sthapitah sveshu namasu
na deça-kala-niyamo na çaucaçauca-nirnayah
param sankirtanad eva rama rameti mucyate

“All the auspicious potencies-whether of pious deeds, acts of charity, strict vows, penances, going on pilgrimage, asvamedha and rajasuya sacrifices, or knowledge of the Absolute-which expunge the effects of sinful life, have been assembled together by the Supreme Lord and channelled into His holy name, making it truly onimpotent

And from the Vaisvanara-samhita:

“There are no fixed times and considerations of cleanliness or uncleanliness in chanting the holy name. Simply repeating 'Rama, Rama' is enough to liberate the jiva from bondage.”

Durdaivam-idrsam iha-ajani-na anuraga

In the Shrimad-Bhagavatam [3.9.31] it is said:

daivena te hata-dhiyo bhavatah prasangat
sarvaçubhopaçamanad vimukhendriya ye
kurvanti kama-sukha-leça-lavaya dina
lobhabhibhuta-manaso 'kuçalani çaçvat

“O my Lord, persons who are bereft of the all-auspicious performance of hearing and chanting Your transcendental activities are certainly unfortunate and bereft of all good sense. They engage in inauspicious activities, enjoying sense gratification for a very little while.