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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > Compiled and Imp Scriptures > Prema Vivarta > 10. Caste and Family Lineage

Chapter 10—Caste and Family Lineage


Eligibility to worship the Lord


Faith alone qualifies a man to chant the holy name of Krishna, not the mundane hair-splitting analysis of caste, creed or family lineage.  An elevated birth in a brahmana family does not necessarily make him eligible for chanting the Lord's name, similarly a lowborn person having proper faith is certainly not rejected from the path of devotional service.


Non-devotees are puffed up by high birth


          In ordinary materialistic society those taking high birth are a privileged class, but to a devotee of Krishna all such material designations are inconsequential.

          Persons becoming puffed up by high birth disparage the process of devotional service and thus pave their way to hell. They disrespect the devotees of the Lord and cannot discriminate between religion and irreligion.  Confounded by self-conceit they engage in sinful and illicit activities.


A low born devotee is superior to a high born non devotee


          If a low born cobbler, who must handle animal hide, worships the Supreme Lord Krishna, he certainly receives the full mercy of the Lord.  But if a brahmana born of a high lineage does not worship the Supreme Lord Krishna, he becomes bereft of all good qualities and forfeits the Lord's mercy.  A well-bred brahmana may possess the twelve brahmanical qualities as enumerated in the scriptures, but if he does not serve the Supreme Lord Krishna then he paves his path to hell.


A devotee engaged in devotional service to Lord Krishna is immediately decorated with all good qualities. These manifest in him automatically and become his  constant companion. Decorations on a dead body look grotesque and shocking, similarly devotional practices like chanting and austerities performed by non-devotees are superficial and a sham.


Freedom form attraction and repulsion for matter


          My dear brothers, cultivate undeviating devotion for Lord Chaitanya, the son of Mother Saci. Then you can easily forget all the false identifications of this body. Caste, race, etc. will not matter to you any more.

          If you can discard false ego and pride, you can easily give up attachment for material life. Once detachment comes, your heart will become pure. Withdraw your senses and subdue the passion for material life; simultaneously, develop attachment and attraction for the Lord's lotus feet.

          You may be born as a brahmana, but you must root out the pride of being born in a high class family and become meek and humble.


The Lord is compassionate to the humble


          The Supreme Lord is always mercifully disposed towards humble persons.  Arrogance and humility cannot reside harmoniously in a person.

          Pride draws one to hell, so scrupulously avoid it. Become humble and surrender yourself to the lotus feet of Shri Radha and Shri Govinda and experience the greatest joy.

          O Lord Nityananda! When will I receive Your mercy so that I can take shelter of Your lotus feet and give up my insolence and false pride?