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Full Prema Vivarta
01. Mangalacarana
02. About Prema Vivarta
03. First Prayer
04. Lord Caitanya Magnitude
05. Quarrelsome Jagai
06. The Ultimate Goal of Living Entities
07. Chanting the Holy Name is for Everyone
08. Be Free From Finding Fault With Others
09. Renunciation Through Utilisation
10. Caste and Family Lineage
11. Lamp of Navadvipa
12. Glories of the Vaisnavas
13. Eagerness to see Lord Gauracandra
14. Contradictory Transformation
15. The Forenoon Pastimes of Navadvipa-dhama
16. The Nature of Divine Love
17. The Standards Of Vaisnava Etiquette
18. Shri Ekadashi
19. The Mysteries of the Holy Name
20. The Glories of the Holy Name