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Other Prayers to Lord Nityananda

Nityananda Holy Name is Everything

Jai Nitai! Jai Nitai!
Jai Nityananda Rai.
All glories to Lord Nityananda Haladhar Balaram.
Jai Nitai! Jai Nitai! Jai Shripad Gosai!

Jai nitya Nitai!

Glories of Lord Nitai are unlimited.
All glories to Nitai. All glories to Nitaicand.

All glories to the moon of Ekachakra.
All glories to the son of Shriman Hadai Pandit.
All glories to Lord Lakshman. All glories to Lord Nitai who in the ecstatic
mood of remembrance of Shri Ramlila, fainted as Lakshman in a childhood
pastime drama play and came to external consciousness only when sanjivani
was brought by the boy acting as Hanumanji!

All glories to Lord Nityananda Ram who is a crest jewel in the heart of Lord
Gauranga. All glories to Lord Nityananda Avadhut who broke Lord
Gaurasundar's sannyas danda!

All glories to Shriman Nityananda Ram the life soul of all vaishnavas.

Lord Nityananda is the selfsame Lord Haladhar who punched Pralambhasur. Lord
Nityananda is the same Lord Balaram who killed Romasharna Rishi who offended
Him by ignoring His authority. This Lord Nityananda is the same personality
who ran with Haridas Thakur jokingly fearing that His life is in danger from
his two most dearest devotees Shri Jagannath and Shri Madhav who were infamous
in Nadia as Jagai and Madhai. Madhai however is the most shining star
amongst the devotees of Lord Nitai. Lord Nitai's compassion towards Jagai
and Madhai is exemplary in precedence.

Lord Nityananda is the flower garland ever attached to Lord Gauranga's broad
chest around whom all vaishnavas circumambulate like bumblebees.

Without Lord Nitai there is no question of any hints of devotion.

"Devotion to Lord Gaura" originates from Lord Nitai. All other "devotions"
are mere exercises in futility.

One who is not taken efforts to be blessed by the Supremely wonderful nayak
Lord Nitai, such a person's life is simply a waste.

Lord Nitai roars in ecstasy by remembering the Lord of His heart - Lord
Gaurasundar. Lord Nitai's constant meditation is Lord Gaura. Lord Nitai's
love for Lord Gaurarai and Lord Gaurahari's love for Shriman Avadhutcandra
has no comparison. The nearest that one can go is to be reminded of the
intense affection between Lord Ramchandra and Lord Lakshman.

Lord Nitai spent blissful days in association of Shrila Madhavendra Puri
where both drowned in mellow bliss of pure Krishna Consciousness. Lord
Gauracand sent His devotees to seek out Shri Avadhut Rai, but they couldn't
find. Then the golden Lord Hari Himself came to the house of Shrila
Nandanacarya and the world was wonderstruck seeing the intense love between
the two Lords -- Shri Shri Nityananda Ram and Shri Shri Gaurasundar Natabar.

Lord Nityananda is the ocean bliss of Gaura Prem. Lord Nityananda is the
sole reservoir of devotion to Lord Gaurahari. Lord Nityananda is the param
ashraya tattva for those desiring the benediction moon rays of Lord
Gauracand's supreme mercy. Lord Nityananda is the storehouse of Gaura nam
and Gaura bhakti. Lord Nityananda is the provider of opportunity of
devotional service to Lord Gauranga. Devotion to Lord Nityananda instantly
pleases Lord Gaura. Lord Nityananda is always in bliss. Lord Nityananda is
always chanting the names of Lord Gaura. Lord Nityananda is the personified
audarya rasa tattva of Shri Gaurahari.

Lord Nityananda is non different from Lord Gauranga exactly like Lord
Balaram is non different from Lord Krishna. Yet Lord Nityananda Balaram is
the servitor of Lord Gaura Krishna. Lord Nityananda is the SUPREME
Sankarshana. He is Ananta. He is Parmatma in everyone's heart. He is our
sole sustainer. On Him rests millions of universes yet He is within each of
those universes. Indeed He is between each atom and He is the constituent of
all atoms. He roams Vraja like a prince of cowherd boys. He is the life soul
of all His devotees. Under His influence as a maddened elephant intoxicated
with Gaura nam, even village urchins are able to uproot big big trees and
run around shouting the names of the Lord. He is the wonderful personality
of Navadveep who is golden hued and large as mountain, He is the Supreme
Lord, but to common men He begs with straw in His teeth to chant the name of
Lord Gauranga.

Gauranga nam is INCOMPLETE without Nitai nam. How can there be Gauranga
without Nitai? Why should Gauranga Mahaprabhu honor any chanting of His name
where Nitai is not present? Without Nitai there is no Gaura rasa. Nitai *IS*
Gaura rasa. Nitai bine bhai Radha-Krishna paite nai. Who is Radha-Krishna?
Radha-Krishna is Gaurasundar Bhagavan Shriman Mahaprabhu. Without approaching
via Nitai where is the sambandha? Mahaprabhu Himself says that even if we
are His devotee but we ignore Nitai then we are NOT His devotees!

Lord Nityananda is the heart. He is the life factor of soul. Without Lord
Nityananda there is NOTHING AT ALL. Where is life without Nitai? "Life"
MEANS Nitai. Everything is JADA without Nitai. Without Nitaisundar's mercy
where is Lord Gauranga for anyone? How can we even utter the word "Gauranga"
if it is not sanctioned to appear SIMPLY BY THE SOLE SUPREME MERCY of Lord

Lord Gauranga is the *PERSONAL PROPERTY* of Lord Nitai. GAURA NAM has only
one place --- Lord Nitai's dancing tongue. Who else has the right to
manifest Gaura nam anywhere? Gaura Nam's resting place is the tongue of
Lord Nitai exactly like, Gaura's own residence is Nitai's heart. If Nitai
wants, He may qualify us to repeat that name which He Himself pronounces
blissfully all the time, the name which is HIS treasure.

Gaura nam has become mellow bliss because it is pronounced from Nitai's
heart & tongue. Indeed Gaura nam is Nitai Himself. The bliss of Gaura nam is
Nitai. The purity of Gaura nam is Nitai. The taste in Gaura nam is Nitai. It
is Nitai, Nitai, Nitai. He ****OWNS**** Gaura nam. He owns It because of His
complete dedicated love for Shriman Gaurasundar. Lord Gaura eternally resides
(He has accepted Him as His residence) in Nitai's bliss because of His
intense love for Him.

So if we are able to utter the name "Gaura" it is simply because Lord Nitai
has sanctioned it.

Lord Gauranga is the ORIGINAL SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD -- THE ULTIMATE CAUSE OF ALL CAUSES. He is non-different from His name. Unlike the name
"Krishna", Gaura nam does not see disqualifications. Why so? Because of
Nitai. Nitai gives us Gaura Nam and Gaura Kripa.

First there appears Nitai and on this basis, our tongue becomes Dham. On
Dham, Lord Gaura can appear. Why should He otherwise appear on our filthy
tongue, mind and consciousness which is otherwise rotten polluted with gross
materialism. Lord Nitai buffers our contact with Him. Where ever Lord Nitai
dances, Lord Gaura has to come.

What is the difference between Gaura nam & Krishna nam?

The difference is this extra Lord Nitai's overflowing bliss in His heart
born out of His own Gaura prem. This is so because of His Supreme Absolute
ability to understand the compassion of Lord Gaura.

Do we have the shakti to understand Gaura? Do we have the shakti to approach
Gaura? Are we qualified to receive His audarya? Why should He be audarya? He
is audarya because of Nitai. Indeed NITAI *IS* HIS AUDARYA.

There is no alternative to taking Nitai nam. Nitai nam is most blissful.
More blissful than even Gaura nam. The core essence of Nitai nam is
available only to very fortunate souls. Others may chant Gaura nam for
millions of life and still not avail of the innermost bliss of Gaura's
heart. But one who takes shelter of Nitai is sure to attain success million
times more purer and billion times more faster. (Nam means Name).

- Avadhuta dasa